Fitness Bombshell Danni Levy Bares Her Booty In Fishnet Bikini

Fitness model Danni Levy updated her Instagram account with a triple post that showed plenty of skin and muscle. In the snaps, the editor of Muscle & Fitness magazine in the U.K. wore a provocative black fishnet bikini.

In the snaps, Levy was standing on a rocky beach. According to the geotag for the photo, she was somewhere on Malibu Beach. Her thonged bikini showed off her fabulous figure, including her tight abs and fit derrière. The bikini had an interesting bandeau-style top that featured long sleeves. Her bronzed skin peeking through the fishnet gave the snaps an alluring vibe. The classic-style bikini bottoms were equally titillating.

The first snap was taken from behind. Levy leaned on her hands against a piece of driftwood as she stood on her toes and arched her back. The pose emphasized her perky booty and shapely back. Levy's toned thighs and calves were also on display. Levy wore a full face of makeup as she looked to the side. The second photo was taken from the front as the beauty sat on the piece of wood smiling as she glanced off to the side. With her hands in her hair, she flaunted her incredible figure.

Levy also thrilled her fans with a video clip that captured her incredible figure. The clip was a close-up shot of her booty. The camera moved up Levy's back to her face, where she ran her hand through her hair and gave the camera a sultry look. The camera backed away to give viewers another nice view of her body.

Levy, 35, has competed internationally as a fitness model, and a quick scroll through her Instagram page shows that she is committed to fitness. She has shared many photos that show off her chiseled physique.In an interview with The Daily Mail, the stunner said that a daily glass of red wine helps to keep from binging at night.

She defended the habit saying that while some may think drinking alcohol is unhealthy, she weighs the same as she did when she was 20-years-old.

"I have no body issues and I wake up with a six-pack on a daily basis," adding that she wasn't attempting to say red wine was the reason for her fit body.

She also said that binge drinking was never a good idea.

"Binge drinking not only wreaks havoc on the liver, but alcohol contains seven calories per gram and your body prioritizes burning off these calories before it even begins to work on the food you've consumed," she said.

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