Jamie Foxx’s Rumored 21-Year-Old Girlfriend, Sela Vave, Posts ‘True Story’ For Anyone Calling Her ‘A Wh*re’

Sela Vave/Kevin WinterInstagram/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx, 51, has been making major headlines for a rumored relationship with 21-year-old singer Sela Vave. The actor’s age has proven a talking point, but the story is especially juicy given that Foxx is assumed to have just split from long-time girlfriend Katie Holmes. The Dawson’s Creek actress’s relationship with Foxx had lasted for years.

Rumors about Jamie and Sela first surfaced back in June, with the two appearing to spend a lot of time together.

Sela is now front-page news over on The Daily Mail, with the newspaper reporting the singer’s recent social media update. Sela took to Instagram earlier today with a video update that offered haters a clear message. It showed Foxx speaking about singer Ed Sheeran, with fans learning that the British singing sensation had slept on Foxx’s couch. It was also mentioned that Nick Cannon had once lived in Foxx’s home when Cannon was only 13-years-old.

Jamie then said that he was doing the same for Sela; in short, that his involvement with her is limited to boosting her professional career.

Sela’s video was captioned with strong words.

“For the people who care… here is the TRUE story(swipe)… for everyone else you can keep talking and calling me a wh*re, sl*t, home wrecker, thot, gold digger, that I should die, and what ever else you want. Because it doesn’t matter to me, I’m out here to work and do what I love most,” she posted.

As The Daily Mail reports, Jamie stated that he feels there are double standards in Hollywood, with him being slammed for helping a woman out versus him receiving no backlash for doing the same for men.

The newspaper did point out the couple’s age difference in more ways than one. While the report outlined Jamie and Sela’s respective ages, it also mentioned that Sela is four years younger than Jamie’s daughter, Corrine Marie Bishop. The actress and model stars in movie, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

On Saturday night, Jamie and Sela were seen leaving a club at 2 a.m. Photos showed Sela in a tiny and strappy mini dress as she clutched onto the Hollywood star’s hand. Foxx has stated that he was merely “escorting” the singer to her vehicle and not, as many fans might have assumed, having her over for the night.

The Collateral star does not have a relationship history that points toward dating younger women. Nonetheless, it looks like his activities with Sela have fans talking.