Chilean ‘Playboy’ Model Daniella Chavez Bursts Out Of Nude Dress In A Rolls-Royce

Daniella Chavez snaps a selfie as she lies face down on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Daniella Chavez / Instagram

For the past several weeks, Daniella Chavez has been in Miami, where she is ensuring to soak up as much sun as she can, considering that it is cold and winter back in her native Chile. As she enjoys sunny Florida, the South American Playboy model is also finding time to roll around in fancy cars.

On Sunday, the blonde bombshell took to the popular social media platform to share a sizzling snapshot where she was photographed inside of a Rolls-Royce while wearing a skimpy nude dress that puts her famous curves in full evidence. In the photo, the model is in the driver’s seat of the expensive car as she rocks a light pink, nudish dress that boasts a plunging neckline that comes down to her sternum while a thin string crisscrosses over it. The dress also features embroidered flower details along the neckline, giving the dress a romantic vibe.

The model completed her look with a pair of matching nude square-framed shades by Dior, as indicated by the tag Chavez included with her post. The photo shows Chavez sitting with her legs in the car but facing the open door. The Rolls-Royce she is in appears to boast a white exterior and a maroon interior.

Chavez was snapped while looking straight ahead at a point off-camera with her lips parted in a seductive way. In addition, she is taking her hand to her glasses as she uses the other arm to lean against the car seat. Chavez has her bangs swept to one side as her platinum blonde tresses cascade over her shoulders and onto her back.

Her glasses feature lightly tinted lenses, allowing the viewer to notice that the model is wearing black mascara on her lashes — as possible extensions, and nude lipstick, keeping with the overall color palette of her look.

As of the time of this writing, the post — which Chavez shared with her impressive 12 million-plus Instagram followers — garnered more than 76,400 likes and upwards of 830 comments in under a day of being posted. Users of the social media platform who are fans of the South American beauty took to the comments section to praise her beauty and share their admiration for her.

“Beautiful,” one of her English-speaking fans simply put it, trailing the comment with a host of emoji, including a crown, hands clapping, a thumbs-up and diamond.

“You look like a real-life Barbie,” another user wrote, this time in Spanish.