August 18, 2019
Erica Mena Pops Out Of Very Low-Cut Dress

Erica Mena shared a sexy new video with her Instagram fans today. It's already been viewed over 94,000 times, although the post has been live for less than an hour.

The clip showed Erica in a super skin-tight dress. It was white with a low cut in the front and thin straps. The ensemble hugged her curves, while her cleavage spilled out.

Mena was shown with her right hand up, holding the phone, as she took a video of her reflection in the mirror. She zoomed in slightly, as she began a slow, seductive walk towards the mirror.

At one point, Erica stopped to strike a pose, as she popped her left hip and placed her left hand on it. She then lowered the camera to show off her shoes.

Her shoes were heels with silver stars. There were three straps, and each strap was adorned with two stars. Erica crossed her right foot in front, as the video ended.

Many of Erica's fans left very nice compliments in the comments section, with plenty of people sending her positive feedback on her outfit.

"Erica always has on some really nice heels," said a fan.

"You betta SLAY! Baby!" exclaimed another fan.

"Absolutely effing gorgeous," declared a follower.

"Yessssss I love you in white," said another follower.

Other fans got a little more creative with their messages.

"So classy you look like that boss chick from Queen of the south," complimented a fan.

"Omg can I have ur closet. Lol. Beautiful as always," said another fan.

There was also plenty of discussion about the music that Mena used in the background of the video.

"Love me some La India music," said a follower.

"D*mn she got the throw that dude away song... Oh watch out...," joked another fan.

But that wasn't all, as some followers made some jabs at Erica.

"Is it just me or does her leg look broke?" asked a fan.

"The way she kicked out that damn right foot!!!!!" said another fan.

"She look alittle prego," suggested another Instagram user, and their comment was echoed by many others.

"Shoes is everything. Also when you and @safareegetting hitched?" wondered a fan.

In addition, it's worth noting that Erica wore her hair slicked back in a middle part. Since the video only captured her from the front, it was hard to know whether it was a ponytail or a bun. Either way, she looked to be keeping her ensemble sleek and chic, and accessorized with multiple bracelets on her right wrist. She also wore some earrings and appeared to forgo a necklace.