Emma Watson’s Floral Romper Trashed After Paparazzi Caught Her At WeHo Hotspot

Emma Watson attends the UK Premiere of "Noah" at the Odeon Leicester Square on March 31, 2014
Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

Emma Watson tends not to receive negative feedback on the style front. The Harry Potter actress is known for her classy wardrobe and understated elegance, with many finding the star’s looks a breath of fresh air in a world increasingly dominated by celebrities and their eye-popping outfits. Emma’s eco-friendly wardrobe has also been chronicled by Elle.

It looks like Emma has fallen under fire for her latest look, though. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail on Wednesday night showed the 29-year-old partying at West Hollywood, California’s The Bungalow. Emma hadn’t opted for a risqué outfit, but rather, she appeared to be channeling her trademark, low-frills look. The brunette was photographed in a ruffly, floral-patterned minidress with a culotte finish. The baggy number was paired with a leather biker jacket and white Birkenstocks.

Viewers to the newspaper’s images have been leaving their thoughts via comments. Hurtful as some were, they did seem to be voicing an overall sentiment of disapproval with regards to Emma’s choice of outfit.

“Emma is an extremely slim lady but those culottes make her look 20 stone” was the most upvoted comment.

While the remark appeared to throw Emma a compliment over her slender frame, it did use British weight terminology to suggest that the actress’s outfit made her look obese.

“Horrible outfit. What’s with the shoes?” another user asked.

“She must be very sure in her own sense of style to go out in public in that outfit,” another added with a harsh tone.

“What the f is she wearing?” also saw a user question the star’s style.

Emma is considered somewhat of a style icon by many. The star has been snapped up by major fashion brands, including British designer Burberry. Emma’s looks may not front media outlets for being ultra-glam or covered in designer logos, but fans would likely argue that Emma’s low-key approach adds to her appeal. The star has been spotted with Louis Vuitton handbags, but these appearances have generally come with Emma’s trademark stamp: the logo just isn’t in your face with this girl.

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Nonetheless, comments slamming Emma over her club look proved overwhelming.

“Toddler outfit. No just no,” one user wrote.

“Was it a theme night? ‘Worst Outfit’ ‘What Not to Wear,'” another said.

Feedback to Emma’s looks is usually more positive over on her Instagram, where 51.4 million followers await the star’s updates. Emma’s account is followed by major stars including Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Gwen Stefani.