Ana Cheri Lets It All Hang Out In ‘Oiled Up’ Swimsuit Snap

Ana Cheri posing for selfie.
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Ana Cheri set Instagram on fire with her latest post, which left very little to the imagination.

On Thursday, the beauty shared a photo in which she was wearing a shimmery golden bathing suit that showed plenty of skin – glowing skin, as a matter of fact. The fitness model said in the photo’s caption that she had been “oiled up” with a lotion that made her skin glow, adding that she had used it in some recent shots. It seemed that every inch of her skin radiated as she stood outside wearing a gold-toned bathing suit that barely covered her assets. The swimwear had a plunging neckline that showed off plenty of Cheri’s voluptuous chest. The bathing suit was cut to the waist, giving viewers an unobstructed view of her curvy hips and toned thighs. A belt cinched around Cheri highlighted her slender waist. The stunner turned up the sex appeal by pouting for the camera behind a pair of large, black sunglasses. With her wavy hair tossed over one shoulder, Cheri looked gorgeous in gold.

Her fans loved the photo, and within an hour of going live, the snap raked in over 50,000 likes and more than 500 comments. That’s not unusual for the model, who has garnered a whopping 12.5 million followers.

“You’re killing me,” one fan joked.

“Golden girl in golden bikini,” wrote another.

Some users got a little creative with their reactions.

“How glow-ious you look,” one fan wrote.

One follower told Cheri that she was the “epitome of hot girl summer.”

Another noticed the “glittering gold curves.”

Fans also left behind fire and heart emojis to let Cheri know just what they thought of the snap.

Cheri does appear to be glowing in her most recent photos. On Tuesday, the beauty looked bronzed and beautiful while wearing a shimmery dress that accentuated her fabulous curves.

There is no doubting that Cheri knows how to make an outfit look sexy. The summer months have seen the beauty in an array of bathing suits. From barely-there bikinis to sexy one-piece numbers, Cheri makes them all look good.

Yet, even when she is not wearing a swimsuit, she still manages to look stunning. In July, she shared a snap in which she looked alluring in a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts and a sexy white top.

Fans can keep up with Cheri’s latest posts by following her Instagram account.