Emmy Rossum's Followers Beg Her To Return To 'Shameless'

As Shameless fans know, the cast has been hard at work producing episodes for Season 10 since they kicked off productions back in June. It was just last week that the network confirmed the Season 10 premiere release date to be November 3.

Unfortunately, another piece of information that Shameless fans know is that leading lady Emmy Rossum⁠ — who played the role of Fiona Gallagher in the series — will not be returning as a cast member for the new season. While the creators did manage to soften the blow by adding Noel Fisher (who plays Mickey Milkovich) as a regular, many fans of the series are still having a hard time saying goodbye to Fiona.

Just yesterday, Rossum kicked off the week by sharing an incredible snapshot of herself rocking some seriously curly hair. The sexy snapshot featured Emmy wearing a thin black shirt with white polka dots. Fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Emmy's tiny frame were left disappointed as the snapshot cut off right at the chest, thus leaving a lot to the imagination.

Still, the actress showed off a little skin, thanks to the wide neckline. With her tiny curls pushed out of her face, Emmy flaunted her flawless pale skin for the camera. She opted for a vibrant candy red lip color that really made her chocolate brown eyes pop.

With what could be seen in the frame of the camera, Emmy appeared to keep things simple in the accessories department. She, however, did have a shiny silver purse strap hanging over one of her shoulders.

According to the caption and the other two photos attached to the Instagram post, Rossum was wrapping up her Monday at a diner that sold meat platter assortments.

In just 24 hours since Emmy shared the captivating snapshot on her profile, her 3.5 million followers flooded it with just shy of 150,000 likes and nearly 600 comments.

One comment that quickly moved to the top of the comment section, thanks to its accumulation of likes, desperately wanted to know how Emmy managed to create and hold those incredible curls.

"Please tell us curly girls what you used in your hair this day/what is your go-to product for your gorgeous curls," the Instagram user penned.

Some of her followers opted to joke about how they would have ordered their pastrami if they were at the deli with her.

The overwhelming majority of the comments on the post, however, were a mix of those complimenting her on her good looks and those begging her to return to Shameless.

"I MISS YOU IN SHAMELESS," one follower exclaimed in the comments.

A second agreed, commenting "FIONNNA COME BACKKKK!"

Rossum also had a few individuals who asked her to dial back the makeup, as they believed she'd look just as fantastic without it.