‘The Real World’ Star Yasmin Almokhamad Explains Why She Got Naked On Camera To Show Off Her Vulnerabilities


Yasmin Almokhamad had one of the most revealing moments in the history of MTV’s The Real World when she stripped down on camera to show off her vulnerabilities, and now the body-positive model and artist is opening up even more about her decision.

The 27-year-old Atlanta housemate stripped off all her clothes in the show’s confessional, showing the camera the deposits of fat around her hips and the hair that she said her mother used to wax from her arms. Her confessional moment drew some viral interest and praise from those following the show for her willingness to open up about unfair body standards placed on women.

It is an attitude that Yasmin has long embraced. As Yasmin would later tell MTV News, she had a very rigid upbringing at home but constantly rebelled at school to express her individuality, which she said didn’t always go over well.

Yasmin also told MTV News that her mother was also very concerned about her daughter’s body hair, and would wax her arms, eyebrows, and mustache. It was a painful experience for Yasmin as a child, so her mother started bleaching instead. Yasmin recalled her mother saying that the body hair was “so ugly,” and that she was doing it so Yasmin could find a husband one day.

The upbringing helped Yasmin grow up into a body-positive activist, and said it was difficult in the Real World house because housemate Tovah would “say she was fat when she had like the most perfect body in the house.” She said that Tovah’s declarations made the other women in the house feel insecure because they were larger than Tovah.

So that inspired Yasmin to strip down and bear all her insecurities.

‘I got fed up — I felt like sh**, and I usually don’t feel like sh** about myself. So I had a point in mind I wanted to make,” Yasmin said.

Yasmin later shared video of her stripping on her Instagram page, writing in the caption that she wanted to give a real impression of what a woman looks like.

“I am only one form of many different folks that just exist in whatever their bodies are today,” she wrote. “Yeah I’m a curve model but the average woman in the [US] wears two sizes larger than me so what’s real representation?”

Yasmin’s entire Instagram feed reflects her focus on body positivity as she proudly shows off her body, including some nude shots that appear to flaunt the social media’s site rule against showing nipples.