Frida Aasen Spreads Open Her Top As Butterflies Fly Out On Instagram

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Frida Aasen shared a new Instagram photo that was modified with butterflies, and fans have liked it over 13,200 times so far.

The photo showed Frida in the foreground as she wore a plunge top or dress. It appeared to be beaded, with bright sparkles dotting it throughout. Whether the sparkles were part of the dress or part of the image filter is hard to tell.

Aasen tugged at the top, spreading it open slightly, as butterflies appeared to fly out of her outfit. These butterflies were light blue and white, with black tips on their wings. The color of the butterflies perfectly complemented the backdrop, which looked like an ocean.

Frida tilted her head back and to the left as she gave a pout for the shot. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun, with her bangs falling in front of her face.

Fans sent their love in the comments, with plenty of people referring to the butterflies.

“Your beauty is like a butterfly,” said a fan, while someone else added, “I still get those butterflies every time I watch you walk on the vsfs [Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show].”

Others were more curious about how she managed to make the image.

“Adorable which app editor do you use?” asked a follower, while someone else asked her if she used Photoshop.

“The most beautiful creature inside and out,” declared a follower, while an Instagram user let Frida know, “Oh wow. My fave pic ever from you. Now it’s my phone background.”

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While most of Aasen’s recent photos have shown her in swimwear, she broke the pattern on July 17 with a series of three selfies. The update was widely popular, garnering over 62,000 likes.

The model was spotted wearing her hair down in a middle part, as she rocked bright pink lipstick. Frida also wore dark eyeliner, but appeared to keep the rest of her makeup fairly neutral, for a natural look.

“Frida you should see my sleepy face, trust me,” joked a fan, referring to the captions, which revealed that the model was still feeling sleepy.

“I like your natural look,” complimented another.

Meanwhile, the photo was geo-tagged in Vancouver, British Columbia, which elicited its own set of enthusiastic responses.

“YOURE KIDDDINGGG YOURE [sic] IN MY CITY!!!!” said an excited fan, while someone tried their luck and said, “You are in Vancouver I would love to meet you.”

Others were distracted by Frida’s good looks.

“Has anyone told you that you look like a young Claudia schiffer [sic]?” asked an Instagram user.

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Sleepy, but happy Frida????☺️

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