Lindsey Pelas’ Assets Barely Contained In Zip-Up Tank Top

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Lindsey Pelas is known for her curvy figure, and she’s not afraid to show it either. The Instagram sensation has garnered a loyal following of over 9 million fans and even has her own podcast that she calls, “Eyes Up Here.” And in one of her newer posts, Lindsey sent fans reeling as she wore a super small tank that barely contained her assets. The top had a black zipper down the front, which she zipped up partially. However, that still left a lot of her cleavage on display, as she posed with her hands in her hair. She wore her blond hair down for the photo and gave a sultry look at the camera as she faced it straight on. She completed the look with denim shorts with a high waist. They also had rips towards the bottom, which is a trendy look that’s making a comeback this summer. The post has over 103,000 likes so far.

On the other hand, Pelas’ newest post is also notable. The image was a selfie that she took in front of the mirror, except she used a nice DSLR instead of a phone. That meant that photo was in very high definition, and the model looked great wearing a matching, bright orange workout outfit. It consisted of a low-cut sports bra and high-waisted leggings that hugged her curves. Lindsey posed on her knees and placed her right hand on her hips. Her makeup looked on point, and her dark mascara popped in the photo.

The model previously spoke about her perceptions of social media, which is one of the main reasons Lindsey was able to gain her stardom. She discussed the details with Husskie.

“I certainly try and let people know the positive side to social media, especially in regards to feminism and femininity. The internet has provided great opportunity for awareness, body positivity, and celebrating womanhood.”

“I’m actually most proud of my character. I am constantly learning from everyone around me and every experience. I think each year I grow into a much wiser, more developed person,” she noted, when asked about what she’s most proud of. Lindsey also opened up about the modeling world.

“This industry is really tough and not for the faint of heart. I miss the days where I thought I’d get married and get a conventional career after college.”

But instead of pursuing a more traditional path, Lindsey has done quite well for herself in carving out a niche on social media.