Miley Cyrus’ ‘Sickening’ Crotch Pic Sparks Fury: ‘Stop, It’s Disgusting’

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Miley Cyrus is facing some backlash. The SHE IS COMING singer released the music video for her “Mother’s Daughter” track on Tuesday. While Seventeen has already dubbed the track the “ultimate feminine anthem,” promo for the track has been causing outrage. Miley’s Instagram has been sharing snaps from the highly sexual music video – an update made on Tuesday seemed to make the platform especially upset.

Miley’s picture came as a close-up. While the 26-year-old hadn’t shown her face, fans familiar with the music video will recognize the red latex that Miley wore in the video. The photo showed a spread pair of legs with metal studs around Miley’s nether regions. Their silvery hues were enhanced by metallics from finger jewelry and wrist accessories. The hands appeared either side of Miley’s crotch.

While this singer’s newly-released song has already proven ground-breaking, it would seem that Tuesday’s picture proved too much for many Instagram users. The most-liked comments definitely seemed to echo this.

“It s [sic] crazy how she became completely crazy and vulgar,” was the most popular response with over 2,600 likes.

“Sickening omg,” was another popular comment.

Another much-liked comment told the singer to “stop,” before adding that they found the picture “disgusting.”

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Responses to Miley’s video (and subsequent Instagram posts) have been mixed. As The Inquistr reported, a picture of a medically obese woman posing naked on a couch sparked outrage. The woman features in the “Mother’s Daughter” video as part of a group – the footage shows various individuals who don’t conform to societal norms. While the overall message from Cyrus seems to be one of acceptance, Instagram appeared concerned that Miley was encouraging obesity to be overlooked as a health problem.

The music video did, however, strike a massively empowering note by featuring an individual in a wheelchair and a woman breastfeeding.

Despite the backlash, fans did come out to support Miley’s crotch picture.

“It’s sad that SO many people are close-minded and don’t see the message of this photo and just think it’s vulgar. If you watched the music video you would understand the symbolism of female power,” one wrote.

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Nonetheless, the update proved highly controversial. Countless fans seemed to find the image to be in poor taste.

“You disgusting world,” was a more ambiguous comment, but it echoed a word used by another highly-popular comment.

The world appears divided over this artist’s latest pictures. Fans wishing to see more of Miley should follow her Instagram.