Instagram Model Jen Selter Flexes Rounded Backside In Instagram Video As She Stretches Before A Workout

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Instagram model Jen Selter took to the popular social media site on Monday to post a quick video of herself stretching before a beachside workout. The fitness guru is known for her sexy and alluring Instagram content which attracts millions of followers.

The video features Jen, with her back to the camera, as she faces a bush-lined wall. Her hands are propped up against a nearby concrete barrier. Beyond the model, viewers get a glimpse of the gorgeous turquoise sea, complete with small white-capped waves and golden sand.

As the video starts, Jen begins her workout. One leg is stretched out behind her and the other is bent while she works out the kinks in her hamstrings and quads. Her tight, light blue leggings and matching sports bra highlight every curve of her rounded booty, and she flexes it for the camera. The model paired the workout outfit with pink sneakers and dark glasses, and her long dark hair is swept up into a casual ponytail.

The model’s 12.7 million followers went crazy for her newest video, leaving comments about how hot she is — and how much they love her.

“You have the perfect body!” one follower wrote.

“Wow that’s perfection,” a second fan remarked. Yet another Instagram user left a comment expressing how much of a fitness inspiration Jen is, going on to ask her to share tips on her workouts and fitness routines.

In the caption, Jen emphasizes her portable blender by BlendJet, saying that she doesn’t go anywhere without it. According to Benzinga, the dark-haired beauty has helped the brand sell more than 200,000 units in 195 countries with her social media influence.

The model often expresses how much she loves her portable blender, having said so in another post.

“I was always traveling and never had time to make my own shakes and smoothies. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month buying them. With my BlendJet, now I make my own smoothies and protein shakes everywhere I go. BlendJet has become an essential and incredible part of my lifestyle and fitness routine.”

BlendJet CEO Ryan Pamplin commented on the brand’s partnership with Jen, emphasizing that he was “moved by the success [of the company],” writes Benzinga.

“This is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever been a part of. Most of our customers find us through our videos, many of which feature Jen, and then buy directly on”

Her followers not only find Jen to be a fitness inspiration, but also trust her opinion — with many obviously purchasing the blender and seemingly enjoying it. The social media influencer has become so popular that she can earn up to $15,000 for every promotional Instagram post, reported The Inquisitr.