Tarsha Whitmore Pops Out Of Bikini In Bathroom Selfie

Everyone loves a bathroom selfie.

April 24 brings an eye-popping one from Australian model, Tarsha Whitmore. Amid wall-to-wall marble, metallic tiling, and frosted glass, Tarsha is standing out. A deep blue bikini is showcasing this bombshell's curvy waist and healthy tan, although prominent cleavage appears to be taking center stage. Tarsha's right hand is holding her smartphone. Her left plays with curled hair that falls well beneath the shoulders. With minimal makeup, a belly button piercing is today's only accessory.

A geo-tag points towards Whitmore's Los Angeles location. She appears to have been in the Californian city for over a week. Not surprisingly for a rising model, a Coachella attendance has been made. While the annual music festival has generated the usual celebrity turnout this year, it has likewise proven a hub for lesser-known Instagram models. Italian model, Valentina Fradegrada showed her face, as did Sofia Jamora.

Commenters are giving today's selfie the thumbs-up. They come from Tarsha's largely-male fanbase, although the occassional female face does pop up. Fellow model and fitness trainer, Allie Auton commented with what appears to be envy.

"fun fact – I tried this too but I'm too short so could only see half of me ps you looking stunning as per usual"
Tarsha has 424,000 Instagram followers.

Gaining popularity as an Instagram model seems to follow a pattern, these days. The trick to racking up the followers appears to lie in the steady posting of cleavage or rear-flaunting pictures – preferably in lingerie or some form of swimwear. With raunchy bedroom snaps, low-cut evening gowns, and an apparent love of sunbathing outdoors, Tarsha seems to be ticking all the boxes.

There's something unusual about this girl's account, though. It comes as the brave decision to include what appears to be a boyfriend. It is common knowledge that male fans are generally more likely to warm to a seemingly single model than a taken one. Nonetheless, Tarsha shows her man. A February post of the couple even saw Tarsha suggest that he is "prettier" than her.Something about posing with a well-known brand also seems to do well on Instagram. Tarsha's Coca-Cola update did not come sponsoring the beverage, but it clearly suggested that she's a fan. While Tarsha is an ambassador for Oh Polly fashion, her fee is likely much lower than those demanded by the industry's elite. In 2018, Kylie Jenner topped CNBC's list of celebrity influencers for commanding up to $1 million per sponsored Instagram post.

Tarsha follows Kylie Jenner on Instagram. Likewise, a fair few famous faces including Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid.