Olivia Culpo Shares How She Maintains Her Insane Physique & Her One Rule For Staying Fit

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Model Olivia Culpo is an absolute pro when it comes to showing off her gorgeous physique on social media, and now fans of the model have been made privy to her secrets for keeping her body toned. Olivia spilled her secrets in a video she shared to her YouTube channel, per Life & Style.

Culpo shared the exact meals she eats when she has one of her infamous bikini photo shoots lined up. For the video, the model wore a cutoff t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted denim jeans. She wore her chestnut-colored hair — which is currently styled in a chin-length bob — in gorgeous beach-babe waves. The model wore minimal makeup for the laid-back chat with her fans.

Culpo started out by saying that she typically sticks to the 80/20 rule when dieting. That means that she’s “good” 80 percent of the time, and for the other 20 percent she allows herself to splurge a little. Surprisingly, this helps her stay fit. She feels as though she indulges, but doesn’t overdo it.

“I really try to eat in moderation and I don’t like to deprive myself. So, if I want to have ice cream, I will have ice cream. I won’t have a whole sundae, and I won’t eat until the point I feel sick. I’ll eat to the point that I feel happy,” she shared.

She then jumped into the basics of her bikini-ready diet, one which includes five meals a day. She revealed that she eats these portions three hours apart. Culpo says that she eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with three small snacks in between. Finally, she gave up her most important tip for staying trim — no booze. She said that staying away from alcohol, including wine, is important, as these drinks contain mostly sugar — something that messes with your metabolism.

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“The keys are high protein, low carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, high fiber,” Culpo added.

The stunning brunette emphasized that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. The model said that she enjoys eggs, some turkey bacon, and avocado in the morning.

For snacks, Culpo reaches for handfuls of mixed nuts, but cautions that one should be careful when measuring. Nuts are healthy, but can be high in fat.

On to lunch — Culpo says she makes a one-sheet pan of chicken and a wide variety of veggies for her midday meal, and that the protein helps keep her full until her next mini-meal, which is an apple.

For dinner, Culpo went with salmon and more veggies, which she spruced up with a side of delicious-looking quinoa. The dish looked quick and easy to make, and she shared the yummy recipes for all of her meals in the comment section of her video.

Fans of Culpo will be keeping an eye on her social media accounts for the latest update — and more healthy-living tips — from the gorgeous model.