Bethenny Frankel Gets Hammered On Her Sexual Past In Court

Craig BarritGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel has been stuck in an ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, and things just keep getting more and more heated. Most recently, the Real Housewives of New York star was ferociously questioned by Hoppy’s lawyers on the subject of her sexual past, according to Radar Online.

While trying to determine if the 48-year-old had violated a custody agreement that prevented her from introducing boyfriends to her daughter Bryn, 8, Robert Wallack — Hoppy’s lawyer — pressed Frankel in a New York City courtroom on Tuesday. Questions surrounded her sexual activity, and how many people she had dated and introduced to her daughter since she and her ex split in 2012.

“Three… well, actually you have to define boyfriend,” Frankel responded to the attorney’s questions.

Wallack pressed her, asking how many men she had been “romantically involved with.”

“Define romantically,” Frankel countered.

“How many men have you had sex with?” Wallack said.

Frankel claimed the number to be somewhere around three. At that point, she revealed that she had, in fact, had a relationship with philanthropist and founder of Steel Partners Holdings, Warren Lichtenstein — something that many people had speculated upon at the time.

“He was at some point someone you had a sexual relationship with?” Wallack asked Frankel.

“Yes, I have had sex with him,” she responded, adding that she had visited him in Aspen, Colorado, while she was still married — and had just given birth to her daughter.

She then spoke about her relationship with Michael Cerussi, who she began dating in 2013. Finally, she moved on to Dennis Shields. The reality TV star dated Shields before he allegedly overdosed in August of 2018.

Wallack asked Frankel if she had ever seen Shields abuse drugs, or if she knew if he had an addiction. She denied seeing any drug abuse, or knowing about it.

The 48-year-old has been struggling with the stressful custody process, and she says that the drawn-out legal battle has had a negative effect on her relationship with her daughter, according to a separate Radar Online story. She claims that Hoppy would use FaceTime calls to taunt her in front of her daughter. At the time, she knew it was bad, but she didn’t realize how damaging it was until the calls stopped.

“Until something stops you don’t realize how traumatic and damaging it is,” Frankel said. “When that person is arrested, you’re sleeping better, you’re not stressed. You’re physically more psychological healthy. You’re not a wreck all the time. It’s like you can have a slightly normal life.”