‘Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Says He’s ‘Disgusted’ By Things People Say About His Wife Katie Maloney Online

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Tom Schwartz is speaking out in defense of his wife Katie Maloney. The Vanderpump Rules star turned TomTom co-owner told Hollywood Life he has had it with haters who continue to come after his wife in the aftermath of the firing of James Kennedy from his DJ gig at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant.

Schwartz told Hollywood Life that while the reality TV couple knows notoriety comes with the turf, he has had it with some of the over-the-top comments about his wife.

“I’m pretty disgusted by some of the things people say about my wife online…. We have chosen to share our lives with the public and understand it can elicit some strong opinions which for the most part we enjoy. Lately, though, they have been so toxic and seething.”

The TomTom restaurateur went on to say that when he reads online comments like “Your wife sucks and she is fat,” his initial reaction is that he wants to “verbally roast that coward into oblivion.” Instead, the usually calm reality star says he lets his anger subside and reasons that the online troll is most likely unhappy with his or her own life and is “probably projecting their insecurities and inadequacies” onto Katie.

“We love when people are engaged with the show and [we] can take criticism and good roasts but if you are constantly spewing hateful things online let me tell you, you suck,” Schwartz said. “We are happier than ever, chasing dreams and I love my beautiful wife. She’s sexy, funny and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”

As for haters who target Katie Maloney’s weight, Tom Schwartz had a message for them as well.

“Yeah, our weight fluctuates here and there, who cares? We are healthy overall, work out all the time and feel good,” the Vanderpump Rules star explained.

As Vanderpump Rules fans know, Katie Maloney dealt with body shaming on the Bravo reality show in the past and she has been vocal about the fact that she will not tolerate it. Katie was previously body shamed by both Lala Kent and James Kennedy back in season 5. Kent later apologized for talking in such a way about her co-star.


But this season, Katie Maloney was shamed while on the job when former co-worker James Kennedy told her to “lose some f***ing weight” as they argued during the L.A. Pride event while filming the show last summer. The Vanderpump Rules star promptly approached her SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump and gave her an ultimatum by saying she was not willing to work in a place where body shaming is tolerated.

Lisa Vanderpump ultimately fired James Kennedy then later allowed him to return to SUR for special events, such as Billie’s Brunch. But Katie Maloney continued to feel the heat from Vanderpump Rules fans, and even Schwartz’ TomTom partner, Tom Sandoval, called her a “bully” as he attempted to defend James. The result has been an online bashing against Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

Tom Schwartz is not the first Vanderpump Rules “husband” to come to his lady’s defense. Longtime star Jax Taylor previously took to Instagram to give haters a firm warning that he has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and body shaming his fiancée, Brittany Cartwright. In an angry post, the Vanderpump Rules veteran said he can take negative comments about himself, but that “bullying and body shaming will not be tolerated.”

Taylor went on to say that he will blast haters’ comments and have their accounts shut down, citing the help of inside pals at Instagram who are also huge fans of Vanderpump Rules.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays on Bravo.