‘General Hospital’ Teases The Moment Ava Realizes Her Fiance Is Actually Ryan Chamberlain

Craig SjodinABC Press

Everyone in Port Charles is finally getting a clue that Ryan Chamberlain is alive. This week on General Hospital is the beginning of the end for the serial killer who has fooled everyone he has come into contact with. People are realizing that this guy is not Kevin Collins. Ava Jerome will be the last one to get a clue on what is happening, but it may be too late.

A brand new General Hospital preview clip has just been revealed, and it shows that the downfall of Ryan Chamberlain is expected to be going out with a bang, or a plunge, that is. A spoiler that was put out by SheKnows Soaps teases that Ava will soon fall head over heels for Ryan. One thing to note is that it doesn’t say “Kevin” this time. Fans will now know the circumstances surrounding this spoiler when Ava falls hard for Ryan.

The moment that Ava realizes that something is very, very wrong is coming up in a matter of days. The first clue comes when Ava hears something unusual coming from the trunk of the car. The clip quickly shows the moment that Ava finds Carly all tied up in the trunk with a gash on her head. She is heard saying, “Oh my God, what is happening?”

She is confused at first. She has no idea that she is with the person who killed her daughter and that he is on the run. But she will discover quickly that she is not engaged to Kevin Collins at all. Laura is on her way to freedom and it looks like she teams up with Jason Morgan to find Ryan before he kills again.

It appears that Ryan grabs Ava and tries to get away. They will end up being trapped on the bridge with Jason holding a gun on him and Laura yelling to Ava that this isn’t Kevin, but his evil twin brother. That could be the moment that she finally realizes that she is facing Kiki’s killer. However, Ryan is not done yet.

He plants his last kiss on Ava and attempts to throw her off the bridge. It appears from the preview clip that he takes the plunge with her. Jason may just shoot him before that happens. There is no indication that Ryan will actually be killed this time for good. The General Hospital writers could have Ryan disappearing into the darkness. That would leave everyone in PC on edge for a long time to come.

It does appear that Ava is saved from Ryan’s clutches. More spoilers for the following week says that she is a mess, so it looks like she will be okay, just not emotionally. Ryan has left a path of destruction in Port Charles and there could be yet another life at stake. Carly’s baby is still in danger at this point as well.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see how it all ends for Ryan Chamberlain and to see if this new Corinthos baby will make it through this ordeal.