Priyanka Chopra Goes Nude For Glamorous Outdoor Bubble Bath On Instagram

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Priyanka Chopra shared a new photo with fans on Instagram, and it’s different than her usual posts. This time, she lounged in a white bathtub outdoors while wearing an elaborate headpiece with floral accents and sheer purple fabric. Chopra also wore jewelry on her head and hand, as she placed her left hand on the edge of the tub and played with a red lollipop in her right. Her makeup matched her headpiece, including pink accents on her eyes and purple lipstick.

Unfortunately for Priyanka, there’s a bit of negative attention focused on her right now thanks to a political comment she made on Twitter. She tweeted out “Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces,” according to Express. This has resulted in over 57,000 people signing a petition that demands Chopra lose her title as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

The problem is that people found her tweet to be in support of the Indian Air Force encroaching on Pakistani land, which some accuse as “celebrat[ing] an attempt at war against Pakistan.” So far, it doesn’t look like Chopra is going to go back on her tweet, considering it’s still published. It was posted on February 26, and has garnered over 53,000 likes and 5,900 comments.

Supporters of Chopra argue in the comments that she’s “not supporting war. She is supporting her country against terrorism.” Critics are saying that Priyanka shouldn’t be in support of war in any shape of form.

Whatever the case, perhaps the drama will blow over with time. For now, Chopra is busy focusing on helping to promote the Jonas Brothers’ reunion.

The actress established herself first as an Indian actress, and has been in over 50 movies in India. She noted that when she first crossed over to mainstream U.S. media, that “I’m not even Indian-American, I’m Indian-Indian.”


“Everybody expected me to have henna and a nose pin and talk in an accent like Apu from The Simpsons. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if America was ready for a lead that looked like me.”

Clearly she had nothing to worry about, as Chopra has amassed a loyal following among fans in the United States.

“People think I had this big plan to break America, but I never did. I have never had a plan when it comes to my career: America came to me with an opportunity,” she also noted.