Florida Man Christian Nichols Accused Of Wearing Dog Costume, Raping His Pet Dog And Putting The Video Online

Police in Florida say 21-year-old Christian Stewart Oscar Nichols donned a dog costume and raped his pet Siberian husky — then posted video the disturbing attack on the internet.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man after the video was found on the internet in January by a citizen of another state, and was then reported to Pinellas County Animal Services. The report noted the disturbing contents of the video, one which allegedly showed Nichols in a black and white Husky dog costume using “his penis and multiple penis-shaped sex toys” to have inappropriate sexual contact with his pet dog.

Detectives said the video showed that the dog was in distress, and at one point tried to run away — but the man responded by striking it with a sex toy.

After Nichols was arrested on Monday, he reportedly admitted to detectives that he had made the video with his dog, Ember, and had shared it with someone else on the internet. During the investigation, detectives reportedly found numerous videos in his bedroom showing unidentified people having inappropriate sexual activity with dogs.

Police said Nichols was active in online chat rooms where people discussed and shared videos of cruelty toward animals — and sexual contact between animals and humans.

“Mr. Nichols was in a few different chat rooms with others who had interest in zoosadism and zoophilia,” Pinellas County Sgt. Spencer Gross told the Tampa Bay Times. “That’s how he transferred the video to someone he’d been chatting with.”

Gross added that detectives found a large volume of related materials in Nichols’ residence, and that it could take up to another month to sort through all of it. He expected further charges to be filed, but did not disclose exactly what charges the 21-year-old might face.

Nichols was not available for comment when reached by local media.

The story of the Florida man’s arrest garnered national attention, with the New York Post picking up on the story — and with many sharing it on social media. The mugshot of Christian Nichols — who was listed at 5-feet-8-inches and 22o pounds — also gained viral interest online.

Christian Nichols remains in the Pinellas County Jail on a count of aggravated animal cruelty and multiple charges of prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene materials. The Pinellas County Animal Services department removed the Siberian husky and another dog from the man’s residence, and told the Tampa Bay Times that the animals seemed to be in “good health and spirits.”