Professional Hitler Lookalike Reveals The Weirdest Thing He’s Ever Been Asked To Do

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Working as a professional Adolf Hitler lookalike is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for U.K. man Neil Holmes, making guest appearances as the Nazi dictator has proved extremely lucrative.

The Mirror reported that by day, Neil puts in a nine-to-five stint on the building site, but by night, the jackboots and the swastika armband come on and Neil struts his stuff as a well-paid Hitler impersonator.

Holmes is the first to admit that he is reluctant to tell too many people about his profitable sideline as the leader of the Third Reich. He’s not sure how some would react, and he’s pretty sure not everyone would understand. But when you command over $750 for as little as ten minutes work, wearing a fake mustache and talking in a silly accent might not seem so bad, as he admitted.

The 55-year-old confesses it’s a weird claim to fame, but he enjoys it and it’s “a fun day out.”

“It’s a bit of escapism. I do have to be very careful who I show the pictures to. I did show a picture to a German once and he was very offended because he thought it was actually Hitler.”

The dressing up as Hitler thing began when Neil was at school and he started doing impersonations of the Nazi leader. From there, he graduated to dressing up as Hitler and sending photos off to various agencies as he looked for a bit of part-time work.

It was a success, and now Holmes works with Susan Scott Lookalikes. Most of his work comes from comedy shows, TV, and films. However, he does have some unusual requests sent his way. Perhaps the weirdest was when a man contacted him asking if he’d appear at his dad’s wedding and have a heated argument with a Winston Churchill lookalike.

Holmes confessed he would have felt a bit uncomfortable getting into his aggressive Hitler mode during someone’s big day and thought many of the guests would have found it inappropriate.

A picture of a Hitler impersonator.
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He is, however, open to appearing at stag parties, but insists his agency thoroughly investigates any booking beforehand to make sure it’s not for any right-wing group.

“If there was even any suspicion of that, I just wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t want to be an icon with some group of right-wing losers,” Holmes explained.

Neil gets into the character of Hitler by using lots of Brylcreem on his hair but admits getting the facial expression right is the key thing.

“It’s in the eyes. Hitler didn’t look at people he looked through them. I always imagine I’m in a bad mood and sulking about something.”