Alexis Ren Goes Nude On A Bed For Sultry Instagram Pic

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Alexis Ren went nude for a sultry Instagram photo posted by Maxim, and she posed on her stomach and flaunted her curves while doing so. The photo was shot by Gilles Bensimon, and shows the model propping herself up with her elbow as she played with her lips with her right hand. She wore her hair down in loose waves, and gave a moody look to the camera. Fans were excited about the photo, noting that she was “Gorgeous,” “Soooo pretty,” and “Squats motivation.”

Meanwhile, the model is starting to promote more brands on her Instagram page than ever before. Her newest post was for a skincare solution by Sonya Dakar, as Ren noted that she plans to try different regimens by the brand over the next six to eight weeks.

Previously, Alexis shared a bikini pic from her Mexican getaway that she enjoyed over the new year’s holiday. But for now, it’s clear that the model is focused on talking about the new skincare products, as her Instagram Stories are also filled with video clips of her discussing her plans.

It’s not very common for Ren to be promoting brands. However, she did just that on January 4 when she posed on her kitchen counter, holding a package of hair volume supplements.

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Previously, the social media star noted to Elle that “I just want this to be real. That’s my whole thing. If you’re an influencer and that moment is not real for you, then what’s the point of it?… Any of the typical offers have all come to me, whether it’s a product for tea, or teeth whitening, or weight loss. And these brands have a lot of money. But [paid posts are] the complete opposite of what I’m trying to do.”

But with that being said, it’s pretty common for social media celebrities to capitalize on their fan base. For Ren, that’s tapping into over 13.1 million followers on Instagram. And recently, it appears that she’s been going through a transitional phase — as she announced to fans that she was looking for a new place to live, and was sleeping on friends’ couches in the meantime. She later revealed that she secured a new apartment, however, and shared some photos of herself looking pretty happy about it.

In the meantime, Alexis is continuing to keep all of her fans clued in to her daily thoughts and experiences. One of her recent Instagram Stories showed her musing about what’s really sexy to her, which she noted was “a real conversation.”