John Podesta’s Viral Revenge On Roger Stone: ‘Roger’s Time In The Barrel, And It’s Headed Over Niagara Falls’

Justin SullivanGetty Images

John Podesta got the revenge he’s been waiting nearly three years for, and now his quip to Roger Stone is getting some viral attention.

On Friday, the former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to offer comment on the pre-dawn arrest of Stone, which took place in front of television cameras. Stone faces allegations that he worked with WikiLeaks to disseminate Podesta’s stolen emails during the 2016 presidential campaign and then lied about it.

During the campaign, Stone had posted what The Week noted was a cryptic tweet that appeared to show knowledge that WikiLeaks would be releasing Podesta’s emails.

“It will soon [be John] Podesta’s time in the barrel,” he said. The tweet was reference to an off-color joke in which a sailor came upon his turn to be placed in a barrel on the ship, where he would be raped by other sailors.

Shortly after Stone’s tweet, WikiLeaks released the stolen emails from Podesta. Though little was revealed in the emails, it was seen as an embarrassment for the Clinton campaign and led to further divisions within Democratic voters.

It also spun off into one of more bizarre moments of the 2016 campaign and its immediate aftermath, the theory among far-right online circles that Podesta and other top Democrats were leading an underground child trafficking and murder ring based out of the basement of a popular Washington, D.C., pizzeria. The “Pizzagate” theory led to continued harassment for Podesta and prompted a gunman to storm into the pizzeria, demanding to see the (non-existent) basement where he believed that the children were being held against their will.

John Podesta got his revenge on Roger Stone nearly three years later, as the former Trump adviser was arrested by FBI agents on a slew of charges. Many had seen the arrest coming, as Stone himself said that he expected to be indicted for lying about his connections to WikiLeaks, despite having previously bragged that he had a “back channel” connection to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, CNN noted.

Stone’s arrest marks the sixth high-level member of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to be indicted as part of the ongoing Russia probe, and his arrest points to others who were involved. In the indictment documents, prosecutors claimed that Stone made contact with WikiLeaks on the order of a high-level members of the campaign.

Roger Stone has declared his innocence in a press conference on Friday after posting $250,000 bail. John Podesta may disagree, but for now seems content to show some snark on Twitter.