‘Maxim’ Model Italia Kash Straddled By Nearly-Nude Girlfriend Allison Parker, Who Is ‘Holding My Bae Down’

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Italia “Toochi” Kash and fellow Instagram model Allison Parker certainly had some fun together, if their latest shares are any indication. Both women boast rather prominent social media followings — with Toochi having 2.3 million followers to Parker’s 8.3 million — and both women share a predilection for provocative, extremely sexy poses and settings in their shares.

In Toochi Kash’s latest Instagram share, she can be seen at the mercy of her friend and fellow model. Allison Parker straddles the hapless Kash, who is nearly topless barring a razor-thin black bandeau which struggles to contain her ample bust. Both women appear sweaty from their apparent struggle, a sheen of perspiration most evident on Parker’s right thigh as captured by the camera.

Allison Parker is clad in a simple pair of plum-colored thong panties, which she tugs at slightly with her right hand to reveal even more of her sculpted derriere. Wearing nothing but a leather strap — or belt — for a top, her prominent bosom is also featured in the photographic frame. A tattoo can be seen on her ribcage, and her signature dark-brown tresses tumble freely about her neck and shoulders to rest on Kash’s forearm.

For her part, Kash is clad in nothing but the aforementioned scrap of fabric in addition to a pair of gem-encrusted heels. In Allison Parker’s version of the same Instagram share, she captioned the photo with a cheeky boast of, “Holding my bae down,” followed by a devil emoji and a lip-licking emoji.

Despite having been posted approximately 24 hours ago, as of the time of this writing, Toochi Kash’s steamy share has already attracted a great deal of attention in very short order. Over 110,000 of her fans and followers on Instagram liked the image, and over 2,100 of those users took the time to leave her a note in the comments section.

One user wrote, “Y’all are so hot it ain’t even fair,” while another fan quipped, “Two beautiful sexy bombshells.”

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Dear Santa, i need clothes ❄️ @mqmlife

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Kash is well known for posting extremely sexy snapshots to her account — going so far as to ask Santa for some proper clothing for Christmas in a tongue-in-cheek share made just before the end of 2018. Often partnering up with additional breakout models such as Nicolette Shea, Savana Hann, Grace Belle, and others — it looks like Toochi Kash has a deep desire to make it in the modeling and beauty business. Last year, per Celebuzz!, Kash even partnered up with reality TV star Blac Chyna for an advertising campaign.

Her fans and followers are always titillated by the edgy and daring snapshots that Kash posts most frequently to her account, and can’t wait to see what the brunette bombshell comes up with next!