Instagram Users Slam Kim Kardashian For Leaving Underwear On The Floor In Latest Post

Kim Kardashian is famous for a lot of things -- being flawless, and leading a perfectly manicured life, are but two of them. But on Thursday, the beauty mogul shared a throwback photo that was everything but.

In the photo, Kim is posing in a skimpy two-piece black dress that shows off her ample cleavage. The top of the dress boasted one strap, while the skirt featured a high slit that flaunted her toned legs. The mother-of-three is posing in what appears to be a hotel room, the bathroom door open.

While many of her whopping 121 million followers loved the photo, other couldn't help but notice what was on the floor next to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star -- a couple of pairs of discarded underwear and other clothing items, as OK! Magazine noted. Kim is posing for the photo next to the small pile of garments, revealing the nude g-string and black panties lying on the floor -- as if the 38-year-old socialite had just taken them off.

"That g string in the floor looks tangy," one Instagram user wrote. Another added, "Just come thru but pick up those drawers first and get those shoes off the sink smh."

"I was going to tell you to pick up your clothes, then I remember I'm poor," yet another user joked, while another added, "I also have underwear on my bathroom floor. We have so much in common!!!!"

In the caption, Kim explained that she was sharing the snap from her Miami trip over the summer, because she wished to be back there. She then told fans that she wanted to go back to Florida -- to escape the rainy weather in her hometown of Calabasas.

Aside from the laundry on the floor, Instagram users also had an issue with her deep tan, with some going as far as to accuse her of trying to look black -- an accusation which she has faced before. As the Evening Standard reported at the time, Kim faced backlash back in July after she posted a couple of photos to promote her KKW Beauty line. In the official shots for the campaign, Kim is wearing foundation on her face, foundation that many commenters thought was too dark for her skin tone.

Kim, who had already received criticism last year for a similar issue, was accused of "impersonating a black woman" -- and "offending black people" -- by users who claimed that she "didn't learn a thing" from the previous backlash, the Evening Standard pointed out.