Brooke Shields Shows Off Her Knee Replacement Saying She's Now 'Bionic'

Brooke Shields hosted a 40th-anniversary screening of her New Orleans based movie Pretty Baby and showed gossip columnist Cindy Adams her brand new knee, saying that she just had it replaced.

Page Six reported that before the movie showed for the night, she rolled up her pants to show off her new titanium knee, saying that she had to have it replaced.

"Titanium. I'm now bionic. I tore it, and had to have it replaced. I'm very into rehab and working out a lot — three or four times a week. Today, I even dance on the thing."
Shields said it was a long recovery, but added that she knows she made the right choice.
"I'm now grateful. It was a long, slow, painful rehabilitation process. But I watch myself carefully. If I let myself, I could drink you under the table with tequila. And I love wine."
However, as a result of the knee replacement, the Blue Lagoon star says that she's made some serious lifestyle changes.
"Now, it's limiting myself — no hard alcohol, and making sure to balance my intake. And not going through metal detectors."
Shields, now 53, remembers how scandalous Pretty Baby was when it came out, considering she played the role of a child prostitute in a World War I-era New Orleans brothel. The movie, directed by French writer and director Louis Malle (husband of Candice Bergen) featured a 12-year-old Shields as a child sold into prostitution by her mother.
Shields said she wasn't allowed to see the finished film in full until she was in college at Princeton.
"This movie came out in 1978. I made it when I was 12. I finally saw it in college and wrote my thesis on it."
But the actor adds that it's a different world now, though she still enjoys seeing movies in the theater with her two daughters.
"I love going to movies with my two children. I love the emotional community connection of sharing with other people. TV is isolating. Spatial recognition is diminished. But raising kids nowadays can be exhausting and... it's hard to negotiate today's social media."
The Daily Mail said that Shields walked the red carpet at the new CMX CineBistro in NYC at the event that screened the movies BlackkKlansman and City Lights. The former Calvin Klein model posed with actor and director Spike Lee, who was there to represent his movie, while Kiera Chaplin was there to represent her grandfather, Charlie Chaplin, for City Lights.