Bibiana Julian Does A Sexy Dance In Crop Top On Instagram

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Bachelor in Paradise’s Bibiana Julian shared a sexy video of herself dancing on Instagram, but she paired it with a funny caption. She can be seen dancing in a hallway as she smiled at the camera, as she wore a black crop top and jean bottoms. Bibiana accessorized with a necklace and captioned the post, “when your uber eats delivery is 1 minute away.” Fans thought it was hilarious, with one person letting her know that “I’ve never related to anything more.” Others said, “you’re on fire girl!” and “I totally dance about food.. so funny and cute.”

Unfortunately, Bibiana didn’t find a lover on Bachelor in Paradise last season. Since then, she’s been plenty busy though, as she promotes different brands on her Instagram page. For example, she shared a post promoting Comfitude comforter, joking, “Who needs a cuddle buddy when you can have a Comfitude comforter?” Her fans sent her tons of love for the selfie that she took in bed while wrapped up in her blankets. Someone let her know that “You are the prettiest woman to ever have been on the bachelor in all history,” while another said “stunning and gorgeous.”

Bibiana also appeared on Arie’s season of The Bachelor but was, unfortunately, let go.

To make matter worse, however, Bibiana had set up a special spot for her to get to know Arie better, but it got used by him and some other girls before she could get to him, detailed Reality TV World. Arie later apologized about it.

“Ah, this was the night of the infamous daybed. Bibiana, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry about the mixup! You truly created an amazing setup and picked the best spot in the house. That’s why all the girls and I wanted to use it! It’s such a bummer watching back and realizing you put so much thought and energy into creating it, only to not be able to use it first.”

Some of Bibiana’s other co-stars from the season, including Krystal Nielson and Annaliese Puccini, also showed up at Paradise. Krystal seems to have found her forever partner in Chris Randone, while Annaliese is still searching for her man.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious that Julian is still keeping her humor intact and enjoying the ride. She’s been posting selfies from the gym and in workout clothes, as she promotes the 310 shake.

For now, only time will tell whether Bibiana will make her way back onto a Bachelor franchise show again.