Bella Thorne Claims Freeform Network Called Her 'Ugly' & 'Uncontrollable'

During a recent in-depth interview with LA Times, Bella Thorne revealed she was humiliated, bullied, and called names while working on Famous in Love via the Freeform network.

The 21-year-old former Shake it Up actress has worked on several projects since her stint at Disney ended. One of her more recent works was Famous in Love, which only aired on Freeform for two seasons before the network confirmed the cancellation during the summer of 2018.

It didn't take long for rumors to run wild suggesting the network canceled the series because Bella had a diva attitude and was challenging to work with.

Speaking to LA Times, Thorne believed the network labeled her as "uncontrollable and crazy" because they were afraid she would discuss sensitive subjects such as bullying or feminism. Being somewhat of a social media sensation with a jaw-dropping 18.3 million followers on Instagram, she believed the network feared the power she could have if she decided to share certain pieces of information.

"There were some comments made," Thorne said as she appeared to stumble over her words a bit. She danced around the idea that she was discriminated against and treated poorly by members of the Freeform staff.

"One issue is when you have a girl, a young girl who is on your show, you can't tell her that she's ugly or she's fat or she's this or she's that because that's going to make her feel bad," she explained without making it clear who had called her names.

When asked who called her ugly during the interview, Thorne placed the blame on Freeform. She then proceeded to share some of the more grueling details of the bullying.

"In e-mails, and there was another thing that was in front of everyone on set. After, the cast was texting me, 'Oh, my God, Bella. I am so sorry. That was so awkward. I feel so bad. Do you want me to come over to your room?' 'Oh, my God, I can't believe they did that.' It was all supposed to change on Season 2, and it didn't," Thorne recalled.

While the popular drama and her stint with Freeform are finished, Thorne's career is alive and kicking. She has four movies releasing this year alone in addition to her new exploits in the movie business. She also brings in a steady income from promotions thanks to her massive social media following.

Despite everything that she has endured being in the public spotlight all these years, Thorne believes she is exactly where she needs to be in life. In fact, the young actress went as far as admitting she didn't believe she would be any happier or different than she was now if the industry she worked in was less judgmental.

"I like my life. All of the things that are awful — especially all of the things that happened growing up — I've always looked at it as: 'Why me?' Because I am strong enough. Because it has gotten me here," Thorne said toward the end of the interview.