NASA Is Teaming Up With Uber To Create Flying Cars

Warner Bros. Getty Images

The idea of flying cars may no longer be something that is associated strictly with The Jetsons as NASA and Uber are now teaming up to create flying cars, and the two organizations aim to soon build a simulation of a very small flying car that will be operating in the confines of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

According to Space, NASA has issued a statement describing the goals of The Urban Air Mobility program (UAM) that the agency will be forming in collaboration with Uber, and this will be “a safe and efficient air transportation system where everything from small package delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis operate over populated areas, from small towns to the largest cities.”

NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Jaiwon Shin has described the future of flying cars as being similar to the revolution created by smartphones, noting that they are certain to radically transform and change the future of everyday life.

“Urban air mobility could revolutionize the way people and cargo move in our cities and fundamentally change our lifestyle much like smart phones have.”

In order to build the perfect flying cars, NASA has assured the public that they will be working hard with Uber to conduct enough research so that by the time these cars are flying through the air, any obvious safety issues would have been resolved already.

This partnership comes on the heels of NASA and Uber’s first agreement that will allow Uber to manage their own fleet of flying cars, a project known as Uber Elevate, and would also see an air traffic control system run by the company as well.

Now with the second agreement signed between Uber and NASA, the two organizations will be working diligently on their UAM simulations, with NASA creating models of the movement of flying cars, along with other practical considerations.

One thing that NASA and Uber will be looking into is how to keep flying cars from making large amounts of noise when flying overhead, along with making sure they don’t overwhelm already busy air traffic control systems. They will also be dealing directly with the FAA to come up with ideas to help these flying cars run without any major issues at low altitudes.

Now that NASA has released their official statement on the future of their collaboration with Uber to create flying cars, all that is left is for the public to get ready for what may end up being a major revolution in the world of transportation.