Bay Area Cold Front Comes Earlier Than Expected As Morning Commuters Deal With Hailstorms

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Commuters saw their drives to work disrupted by scattered hailstorms on Monday morning, as the Bay Area was hit by a cold front that reports suggest came earlier than what was originally forecasted.

Citing multiple National Weather Service meteorologists, SFGate wrote that there were reports of hailstorms taking place in the Oakland Hills area as of 8 a.m. on Monday. While rainy weather and more hailstorms are likely to take place later on in the day, forecasts suggest that the Bay Area cold front will only result in “scattered” precipitation.

“Not everybody will see rainy weather (Monday), more like passing showers and isolated thunderstorms,” National Weather Service meteorologist Rick Canepa told SFGate.

With the Bay Area cold front expected to bring more hailstorms on Monday afternoon, meteorologists are also predicting light snowfall in Mount Diablo, Mount Hamilton, and other elevated locations in the 3,000-foot range.

As previously reported by the San Francisco Examiner on Sunday, the cold front was expected to pass through on Monday morning, adding to the steady rains which started that afternoon. At that time, NWS Bay Area meteorologist Brian Mejia forecasted a 10 to 20 percent possibility of thunderstorms late Monday morning, with San Francisco expected to experience a combined 0.25 to 0.50 inches of rain on Sunday and Monday. He also hinted at the chance of “small [hailstorms]” and an “isolated lightning strike or two” for Monday’s weather forecast.


According to SFGate, San Francisco is now within the range Mejia had predicted, with approximately a quarter-inch of rainfall since Sunday evening. Other Bay Area locations, however, were hit by greater amounts of rain, as Marin County has reportedly gotten two-thirds of an inch of rainfall, followed by the North Bay at St. Helena and San Mateo County, whose estimated rainfall was at 0.51 inches over the same time period.

Despite the rains and hailstorms brought about by the Bay Area cold front in recent hours, most of the week should be relatively dry, with generally cooler temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s expected before they rise back to the 70s heading into the weekend. San Francisco and Oakland residents can expect temperatures about five to seven degrees cooler than the average temperatures for this time of the year, while North Bay residents will likely experience temperatures about 10 degrees lower than average. San Jose, however, might experience the biggest drop-off from normal temperatures due to the cold front, as NWS forecasters are predicting temperatures from the upper 50s to low 60s, or about 15 degrees below average.