Single Woman, 24, Successfully Performs DIY Artificial Insemination Using Turkey Baster Method, Donated Sperm

Heartbroken mother who lost 2-month-old son to sudden infant death syndrome gives birth to healthy baby daughter with the help of an internet sperm donor and at-home artificial insemination.

Antique Turkey Baster
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Heartbroken mother who lost 2-month-old son to sudden infant death syndrome gives birth to healthy baby daughter with the help of an internet sperm donor and at-home artificial insemination.

A 24-year-old single London woman successfully used sperm from an online donor, along with an at-home method of artificial insemination called the turkey baster method, to get pregnant after suddenly losing her 2-month-old son to crib death. The Daily Mail reported on Friday that Farrah Rosier, who resides in the southeast area of London, gave birth to her healthy baby daughter last September after shunning IVF at a clinic to take matters into her own hands by impregnating herself.

According to the Daily Mail, Rosier explained how she went about getting pregnant by using the turkey baster method of artificial insemination. Rosier was reportedly devastated after the death of her 2-month-old son Ezra to sudden infant death syndrome in April of 2016 and, apparently, decided the only way to feel fulfilled again was to have another child. The Daily Mail goes on to say that Rosier also found herself single after deciding to end a long-distance relationship but still wanted to become a mother again.

“About a month after losing Ezra I knew that the only thing that would fill the void was having another baby.”

Rosier, who is a university graduate in English Literature, reportedly researched all of her options for conceiving before deciding that at-home artificial insemination was the best option for her. According to Rosier, she didn’t want to have to wait to meet someone again after ending her last relationship, and she also said that she didn’t want to have to explain what she had been through with the death of Ezra. Rosier also revealed that she didn’t want to have to wait for someone else to want to have children — she wanted to get pregnant on her own timeline.

After deciding against egg sharing to help fund an IVF treatment at a clinic, Rosier opted to use a website for sperm donors and at-home artificial insemination. Rosier explained that a three-month search for a sperm donor on the internet, along with STD testing, led to finally finding the “perfect candidate.”

“I wouldn’t chase him for money and he wouldn’t chase me to see the baby.”

An article on CoParents explains that the method that Rosier and her sperm donor used to conceive — at-home artificial insemination — is popular among people who only wish to co-parent and LGBT couples. Rosier revealed that her chosen online sperm donor helped her to do the turkey baster method of at-home insemination only by doing “his thing into a cup” and then leaving. An article on BabyMed shares that the turkey baster method doesn’t actually involve the use of a turkey baster and that the success rate of conception is a bit less than the success rate through the more-conventional method of intercourse.

Rosier’s third attempt at at-home artificial insemination using a syringe without a needle and lubricant resulted in a pregnancy that ultimately ended in miscarriage. Rosier then found out that she was once again pregnant in January of last year and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who she named Edith, in September of last year. The “about me” section on Farrah Rosier’s personal blog, called Something Rosier, says that she is a “trained doula” and also writes in a blog post titled “She’s a Donor Baby!” that the conception of her now six-month-old baby daughter, Edith, is far more interesting to people than her birth.

The “London mother and writer” goes into much more detail on her Something Rosier blog about how she successfully conceived through the use of the turkey baster method and donated sperm from a website that she says is “just like a dating site” for sperm donors — oddly enough, suggested by her “mum.”

Raw Story reported on a lesbian couple in 2014 who also successfully conceived using “various methods” of DIY artificial insemination, noting that the couple thought the more-conventional methods were “too expensive.” Bustle also published an article in 2015 about an “ejaculating sex toy” that was invented to take the place of the turkey baster method of at-home insemination.

The Inquisitr previously reported in 2015 on another woman, named Rosemary Bruce from Virginia, who also successfully impregnated herself through the use of donated sperm and an actual turkey baster. However, that unusual case of DIY artificial insemination ended with a court ruling that said the sperm donor was “more than a sperm donor” and “entitled to be a part” of the child’s life.