Georgina Boamah Sex Tape: Ghana Rocked With New Nurse Sex Tape Scandal After Infamous ‘Kitchen Stool’ Tape

Georgina Boamah is the latest person in Ghana being rocked by a sex tape scandal, with explicit video of the nurse spreading across social media while the nation is still reeling from what is known as the “kitchen stool” tape.

This week, a video showing Boamah has been spreading on social media, Ghana Web reported. The video is under two minutes long, the report noted, and shows the woman toweling off after taking a bath and posing before the camera.

As Pulse noted, Georgina Boamah apparently recorded the sex tape for a boyfriend, but it leaked to the internet somehow. It was not clear if the man was responsible for its leak. As the explicit video started to make the rounds on social media, many people looked for other pictures of Georgina Boamah, including images of the young nurse.

The nurse sex tape comes as Ghana is still facing the consequences of another controversial video showing a school headmaster having sex with a teenage student. The video led lawmakers to propose legislation that would outlaw the leaking of secret recordings and so-called “revenge porn.”

The “kitchen stool” sex tape, which shows the young woman perched on a stool during the act, has led to controversy for Robert Seppey, the headmaster of Breman Adumanu, who was seen in the video. This week, Seppey’s wife spoke up and called out officials to leave the matter alone, Ghana Web reported.

Speaking in a televised interview, Diana Krofie said that her husband had abandoned the family, leaving her alone with their two children. She asked officials not to pursue charges against her husband and let him return to his position, allowing him to once again provide for his family.

She also asked for others in Ghana who had copies of the sex tape to delete them and save her husband’s reputation. The teenager who was seen on the tape later said that she and Adumanu were dating.

Details about the Georgina Boamah sex tape were still light, with media outlets in Ghana not yet reporting who may have leaked it to the internet, or whether any police were investigating.