Chemotherapy Causes Inflammation And Cancer To Spread, Claims A New Research Study

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Another research study has published a link between chemotherapy and aggressive cancer growth. While the treatment was found to shrink tumors initially, chemotherapy drugs increase the chance the cancer cells will migrate to other parts of the body. It could trigger a “repair” system response, which could allow the cancer cells to grow stronger.

According to Independent, a new study suggests that chemotherapy drugs could help the disease to spread, leading to more aggressive forms of cancer.

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York examined the impact of chemotherapy on breast cancer patients. They found that the blood vessels are “doorways” that allow cancer to spread throughout the body. It was increased in a percentage of the patients that received two standard chemotherapy drugs.

The most advanced stage of breast cancer, when it has spread to other parts of the body, is called metastatic breast cancer. Most patients discover their disease in the early stages, but 7 percent find out their diagnosis in the advanced stage.

The study’s lead author, Dr. George Karagiannis, said that the findings didn’t mean patients should avoid chemotherapy altogether. He believes that when a patient receives chemotherapy, their doctors should monitor them closely. Karagiannis found that the number of cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream was increased if the patient had chemotherapy treatment.


Metastatic cancer treatments may include biological therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination of these, despite the fact multiple research studies have proven that the “therapies” can cause cancer growth or cause life-threatening complications.

The underlying cause of cancer is inflammation, which has been referenced in recent research studies. Doctors have proven how inflammation can cause multiple diseases, including cancer.

The inflammation process starts when damage tissue release chemical into the body. The inflammation could come from an injury or exposure to a toxin. Most doctors agree that chronic inflammation can lead to DNA damage to the body’s cells and could lead to cancer.

According to the Mind Unleashed, 80 percent of oncologists surveyed would not use chemotherapy if diagnosed with cancer. They deemed it “too toxic and life-threatening.”

Many people believe that chemotherapy is life-saving because of a large percentage of people with cancer go into short-term remission. However, a substantial portion of those people will have the cancer return or the chemotherapy will destroy healthy cells, which could lead to other diseases and health conditions. Many cancer will return less than a year after reaching remission status.

The bottom line is that chemotherapy can cause cancer to spread to multiple parts of the body, making it very difficult to treat. The study believes that cancer patients should explore other treatments that are natural and won’t cause the cancer cells to spread.