New Michael Jackson T-Shirts, Skateboards Rumored To Be Released This Summer By Supreme

If you are a big MJ fan that has been looking for a new Michael Jackson t-shirt, there is a strong chance you might get your wish.

Although he has been dead since 2009, Michael Jackson is still extremely popular despite not making any new music in the last eight years. Regardless of the fact that Michael Jackson is no longer touring and creating art, there are rumors that MJ fans might get treated to new memorabilia.

The rumors about the new Michael Jackson t-shirts and hoodies for 2017 started surfacing in mid-April. At this time, High Snobiety reported that the Supreme Skateboarding company was making a collection of clothing that would be Michael Jackson related.

Since that time, there have been some hints from Supreme skateboarding that they are making a Michael Jackson collection, and his face will be on hoodies, t-shirts, and skateboards. Supreme is calling this collection a Michael Jackson capsule, according to XXL Mag.

Naturally, calling it a capsule has led to some confusion since Michael Jackson used to live in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that was often referred to as his oxygen capsule, according to Telegraph.

 Michael Jackson raises money for his charity with T-shirts.
20-percent of all the money the Michael Jackson estate will raise from merchandise with Supreme will go to charity. [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

While fans seem to be appreciative of new Michael Jackson collector's items being potentially presented by Supreme, this skateboarding fashion company did recently receive backlash.

At the end of February during worldwide fashion week events, L.A. Times reported that skaters were angry with Supreme. Namely, a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme did not make a lot of sense to skateboarders since Louis Vuitton is a luxury and not a sports fashion brand.

About the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, one blogger wrote for Skatism that he was particularly astounded they created a piece of luggage for carrying a skateboard, but it was $55,000.

Of course, any collaboration deal of this type means good news for Michael Jackson's estate. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when new Michael Jackson merchandise hits the streets, his estate gets a cut and manages the funds.

Over the years, Michael Jackson's estate has donated money raised by his loyal fans to charities that MJ started or endorsed when he was alive. According to Forbes, Michael Jackson's will stated 20% of his estate was to continue going to charity for the rest of the fund's lifetime. If the Supreme collection is a success, Michael Jackson's charities could also expect a payout.

In addition to the Supreme merchandising deal, Michael Jackson fans will also get a biopic about his life in 2017. According to TV Wise, the movie Searching for Neverland has a premiere date set for the biopic's release in the U.K.

To honor the eight-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, the Searching for Neverland biopic will broadcast on Lifetime U.K. on June 25, 2017. The film's star is Navi, and he is currently the number one fan-rated Michael Jackson impersonator.

Searching for Neverland is an important film to the British people since Michael Jackson died before he started his This Is It tour. The tour was due to start on July 13, 2009, at O2 Arena in London, England, with 10 concerts in that city. Sadly, Michael Jackson died 18 days before the This Is It tour began, and it would have been Michael Jackson's first since his 1997 HIStory tour.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's charities will continue to get funded as long as his estate is active. [Image by George Rose/Getty Images]

However, what will be interesting for fans about the 2017 MJ biopic is to see if there are any clues about allegations that someone was trying to kill Michael Jackson -- and the story is connected to his last tour. For example, Daily Mail points out there are letters written by Michael Jackson that explained he felt someone was trying to kill him.

The letters were sent to a German friend of Michael Jackson's, Michael Jacobshagen, and there are some speculations that the "they" that were trying to kill Michael Jackson was AEG -- the company that arranged the This Is It tour.

[Feature Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]