Niall Horan Meets Fans At NI Open, Junior Golf Facility Welcomed

Niall Horan has been serious about several things since One Direction went on vacation, and his fans and golf have been two of them. Now, in addition to success with one of his first golf management events at the NI Open, Niall Horan has been placing more of his energy on encouraging young people to play golf.

Naturally, Niall Horan will always be able to lure large groups of young women no matter where he goes, and the NI Open was no different.

According to their podcast, the security staff at the NI Open were quick to add extra help when they noticed a large group of One Direction fans would be at the golf event as onlookers.

Niall Horan’s new golf management company, Modest, was behind-the-scenes at the NI Open at the end of July, but Niall also participated in the golf Pro-Am events.

Niall Horan has been making golf events a place to meet up with One Direction fans.
Niall Horan often attends sports events and invites fans to join him. (Image by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

When Niall Horan did his ceremonial tee-off on the first day of the NI Open to a group of cheering fans, he was wearing neon pink/orange golf shoes that could be seen from outer space.

Online, his good luck charm for golfing from fans might have been #SaveNiallHoran, but it is unclear if the hashtag is related to Niall Horan playing golf at the NI Open.

Other happy coincidences include Niall Horan meeting his adoring fans. Niall Horan’s company, Modest, reminded fans that despite the fact it was not a One Direction event, they were invited to the NI Open at Galgorm Castle to see Niall Horan for free.

A couple of weeks after the free tickets post, the result was ecstatic fan videos and Niall Horan/NI Open pictures on Twitter. For instance, one fan posted a picture with Niall Horan at the NI Open and changed their Twitter name to “I met Niall Horan.”

Niall Horan's heart has a path made of golf.
Niall Horan might be focused on music for now, but golf will likely be in his near future. [Image by Andrew Redington/Getty Images]

Another One Direction fan posted a video on Twitter from the NI Open and captioned it, “Niall’s smile at my mum when he signed her coat and she said she’ll never wash it again.”

As it appears, Niall Horan’s fans were preparing to see him before the NI Open began, according to Newsletter.

In addition to Twitter, professional golf media agencies were quick to help One Direction fans find the details that included Niall Horan. For example, in a video by Challenge Tour, Niall Horan fans had posters ready and said they had been waiting for three hours to see him.

Christopher Brooke of Galgorm Castle was also interviewed in the video, and he said it was great that Niall Horan’s fans were there at the NI Open because he helps generate a lot of interest in golfing.

It is stated in the video that Niall Horan’s presence would perhaps help One Direction fans consider playing golf and end up finding they are the next Rory McIlroy.


The Belfast Telegraph also had an extensive compilation of photos of Niall Horan from the NI Open for fans who were not able to make it to Ireland for the event.

One other interesting event that happened at the NI Open was Niall Horan “opening” a new facility at Galgorm Castle that is intended specifically for junior golf. What is not clear is whether or not Niall Horan helped inaugurate the junior golf facility or sponsored to open the facility.

On July 27, the only information Stephen Watson gave in his tweet was a picture of Niall Horan on Twitter and a caption with details about how the junior golf facility was “opened today by Niall Horan.”


It is likely that Niall Horan opened the junior golf facility because he has been very vocal about getting young people involved in golfing. Some writers in the golfing industry have called him an “ambassador” of golf, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Niall Horan has also been very excited to become buddies with Tom McKibbin, a golf prodigy. On July 28, it was announced that after the NI Open, Tom McKibbin is “set to be the third-youngest Challenge Tour player in history” at age 13.

This means that Tom McKibbin might be a future celebrity as big as Niall Horan because the Challenge Tour was established in 1986, and winning it is an entry to golf’s elite European Tour.

According to the 42, Tom McKibbin “received an invite to play at the European Challenge Tour [NI Open] event by the golf management company owned by Niall Horan.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]