Will Niall Horan Join His Elder Crush On Tour In 2016?

While other members of One Direction are frequently photographed slinking around in the night with various lovely ladies — Niall Horan is often found hanging out with his elder-crushes in pop music.

Of course, with rumors up in the air about whether or not One Direction will take a break in 2016, the ongoing question is: What will Niall Horan do with his career next?

But would fans like to see Niall Horan in a Fleetwood Mac tour? According to a review of One Direction’s concert in Columbus, Ohio — fans may already have their ears tuned to bands like Fleetwood Mac because of their influence on One Direction’s current music.

Columbus Alive writes on Aug. 18, “[One Direction has] adopted influences that stretch back decades, borrowing liberally from 1970s rock acts like Fleetwood Mac… and stadium cheese purveyors like Journey (“Faithfully” homage “Steal My Girl”) and Def Leppard (“Midnight Memories'” syrupy chorus could’ve been cloned from “Pour Some Sugar on Me”).”

It is frequently mentioned that One Direction’s “Fireproof” was inspired by Fleetwood Mac, but could Niall Horan be taking his obsession with the band a little further?

Niall Horan recently was highlighted by Gossie for having celebrity crushes on footballers — but it appears he has another crush on the elders in Fleetwood Mac.

Over 2015, there have been at least three occasions where Niall Horan was hanging out with Fleetwood Mac or attending one of their shows.

In January, SugarScape posted a video of Niall Horan and One Direction enjoying a Fleetwood Mac concert.

In mid-June, Niall Horan posted a video of a Fleetwood Mac performance on Instagram.

On July 16, Gossie reports that Niall Horan hung out with at least one member of Fleetwood Mac in Seattle and allegedly stated the following on Twitter.

“Rock and roll royalty at the show tonight in Seattle, not everyday you get to play I front of your heroes! Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron [are] legends.”

Does all of this mean Niall Horan could finally be “cool enough” to play the 2016 Glastonbury Festival if he is teamed up with Fleetwood Mac? The fact that Niall Horan and Fleetwood Mac might tour together is not so unimaginable. For instance, both bands were noted by Rolling Stone as being top earners in 2015 for tour.

Plus, Fleetwood Mac might need someone like Niall Horan as a stand-in since the members of Fleetwood Mac are over age 60 — and might need some insurance in 2016 that they will not have to cancel shows again due to ill health.

[Feature image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]