Lil Wayne Drops #FWA, But Is It ‘Free’ On Tidal?

After repeatedly breaking his promise about a release date, Lil Wayne officially dropped #FWA, a.k.a. the Free Weezy Album, on Tidal on July 4 — but is it actually free?

As previously predicted by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne buying out half of Jay Z’s Tidal streaming music company would result in the #FWA finally being released — without Birdman or Cash Money casting a dark shadow over Lil Wayne.

Highly anticipated since it was announced in early February, Rolling Stone said on July 4 that Lil Wayne tweeted in April that he feels this is “best work yet” and “I won’t let u down as a fan.”

Now, Lil Wayne fans and music critics are giving their two cents about #FWA — and some are not impressed with the release format.

When Lil Wayne posted the link to his #FWA on Tidal via Twitter on July 4, fans were quick to chime in. Along with a long list of compliments about how much they liked Lil Wayne’s #FWA, there were several complaints.

Namely, Lil Wayne fans were tweeting that the #FWA Tidal link was not working for them.

Other fans are quick to add that this is the first time they have used Tidal — exclusively to listen to Lil Wayne’s #FWA and loved Tidal.

Alternatively, some fans are still pressing Lil Wayne to jump on the Spotify bandwagon or release #FWA on iTunes. However, their reasons for wanting Lil Wayne to release #FWA somewhere besides Tidal has to do with money.


The main complaint from fans about #FWA is that it includes the word “free” — and feel that is misleading. This is especially true since access to Lil Wayne’s newest music means buying a subscription to Tidal.

Despite this, many tweets include information that makes fans think they can listen to the whole album (instead of samples) for free — forever. For example, XXL Magazine tweeted on July 4, “Lil Wayne drops #FWA for free! Isn’t freedom a beautiful thing?”

Regardless, savvy fans that actually click through on the #FWA Tidal link have been unhappy. Jason Bressler writes via Twitter, “Lil Wayne, if your album is on Tidal, it isn’t free.”

Randen Montalvo tweets, “Lil Wayne, you think the Free Weezy Album meant free album? Or actually free Weezy lol.”

Some fans try to help out Lil Wayne by responding to tweets that say Lil Wayne was using false advertising when he used the word “free” in #FWA. The PC Pro tweeted, “Lil Wayne said it was going to be free” and got a response saying, “I never heard of that, all I heard was the ‘free’ part was the label aspect prior Tidal.”

In actuality, when Lil Wayne fans click on the link for the #FWA album, they end up being asked to log-in via Twitter or Facebook. After logging in, fans can listen to Lil Wayne’s #FWA on Tidal — but it only plays samples of each song unless you sign up for a free trial account on Tidal.

Many fans may be hesitant to sign up for the free trial of Tidal to listen to #FWA, but one Lil Wayne fan thinks it is a mistake. They state on Twitter that paying $9.99 for a Tidal subscription to get to listen to Lil Wayne’s #FWA is worth it because, “it’s his best work by far.”

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