Man With Two Penises Who Posted Anonymous Pic On Reddit Pens Memoir

Addam Corré

A man born with two penises who posted an image at the beginning of 2014 on Reddit to prove it, has now reportedly penned his memoir, anonymously of course, as he said that if he revealed his identity, his life "would never, ever be the same again."

The tongue-in-cheek memoir, entitled Double Header, which talks about the condition, known as Diphallia, that affects just one in six million males in America, speaks for itself, as the author told Rolling Stone magazine.

"The best way and easiest way to explain it is like this: If Superman revealed to the world he was Clark Kent, he would never ever be left alone. If I went public and on camera, from that moment on I'd be the guy with two dicks, not me. The butcher at the grocery store would know... I'd get asked to take them out and show them to people randomly. That's not a cool idea if you ask me."

In most cases, parents opt to have one of the penises removed at a young age for obvious reasons, but for the Double Header author this wasn't the case.

He revealed on Reddit, when he posted the pic of himself that, naturally, went viral, that he was pleased his parents hadn't had his second penis removed. "Besides the ego boost it really makes a person feel special knowing there is likely no one else like you alive right now," he wrote.

The man, who is believed to be American, previously revealed that he has one pair of testicles which split into two fully-formed penises that are individually able to achieve erection and climax.

The Reddit superstar, who now has a boyfriend after being in a bisexual polyamorous relationship with a man and a woman, explained that he could urinate or ejaculate simultaneously.

He also revealed to Rolling Stone that he likes to "surprise" his bed partners, which doesn't always go well -- and women are always more judgmental than men.

On top of all that, if you'll excuse the pun, he added that having an extra penis has opened him up to orgies as he can use both at the same time, with two different lovers or the same person.

Not much to add after that revelation, but Google has lots more information and revelations about the man with two penises -- if you're interested, that is.