Eileen Gu In Bikini Showers Olympic Body On Yacht

Close Up of Eileen Gu
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Olympic Gold Medal skier Eileen Gu is so busy that she barely has time for the small pleasures of life, but we won't forget she loves the luxe life. The Chinese-American model and athlete enjoyed herself during a trip to Dubai and Switzerland last Fall before diving into training for the Winter Games (She carted home two Gold medals.)

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Luxe Living

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Gu shared a slideshow of her trip from Dubai to Switzerland, showing her almost one million followers how she relaxes in her off-season. In the cover picture, she ensured Louis Vuitton was well represented by placing her bag in the shot while showing off her long-toned legs in a mini black skirt.

The next series of pictures showed her wearing a bikini and having fun, from showering in the middle of the ocean to Jet Skiing in a wetsuit. She also shared some of the scenic views from her journey across the world, including a food arrangement that looks yummy.

Relaxing In Hawaii

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Before the Worldwide compulsory quarantine Gu spent a well-deserved break time in Hawaii basking in the sun and enjoying late night swims in pools. However, she plunged headfirst into her sports training once that ended since the Winter Olympics was lurking.

Encouraging The Next Generation

These days, Gu's engagements are more career-oriented and less personal. She spoke to young children in China last week asking them, how they feel about self-identity and culture beauty standards. The excited hugs and screams at the end of her speech confirms they received her message well. She wrote via Instagram,

"Honored to have spoken on the power we as young people hold to change the world, from beauty standards to sport culture, at the China Central TV Gala tonight. One voice at a time, the next generation is ready to make waves and bridge divides through genuine passion, openminded friendships, and empowered mindsets. Many hugs & thank u for all the love 🖤"

Embracing Art And Culture

Gu loves art and culture and she's having her fill in Beijing, China. Despite her busy schedule, she makes times for the little things and shares like "12%" on the internet (in her own words.) Her ability to balance life as an athlete and model at 18 is impressive.

Gu's love for Chinese cuisine caught the attention of the country's president, Xi Jinping. He singled her out of the crowd at the Medal Ceremony for special recognition.