CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells Shows Elbow Injury Progress

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CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells finally shared a 7-month update on her elbow following her qualification for the CrossFit Opens semifinals. The athlete encouraged her one million-plus Instagram followers to not worry about her because she's healing and will be ready for this year's CrossFit games.

Although Brooke shared her healing process from the beginning with them, she decided to make a montage celebrating the seven-month mark featuring rehab exercises.

Getting Back In Shape

The CrossFit athlete prioritized upper body workouts, especially arm strengthening routines, and getting her elbow back in shape after her unfortunate accident last year. She worked with battle ropes, hanging ropes, and weighted bars to rebuild her muscle strength.

Brooke's determination earned her a spot in the CrossFit Opens semi-finals, an impressive and unexpected feat considering her health condition coming into this season.

7th Month Update

"The last 7 months have challenged me in ways I didn’t know possible, both physically and mentally. I’ve done my best to embrace them all, and WORK through it. My progress has not been linear, and it absolutely has not been easy. But it will 100% be worth it. The only person that can stop you, is you."

Brooke gave her fans an update on her healing process, especially since many expressed concerns over her doggedness at the CrossFit Opens. The athlete made a short video showing the healing process from the dislocation day to today. It took a lot of rehabilitative exercises and dedication, and she did it all because she had a goal.

Diet Advice For Other Athletes

Brooke further explained that,

"Being your best comes down to doing all the little things. like the boring accessory work, getting enough sleep every night, replenishing your muscles with good quality carb & protein supplements. it may not seem like it at the time, but it adds up!"

She doesn't always feel up to her exercises or strict athlete diet, but she does the work because that's necessary. The athlete advised fellow CrossFit athletes to include carbs and protein supplements in their diets because it replenishes their muscles after a long day of exercise spent straining them.

Ready For The Summer Games

With her elbow almost fully healed, Brooke would become unstoppable at the semi-finals this Spring and the eventual CrossFit Games in the Summer. She's already giving the top athletes a run for their money, and she's not yet in top shape!