Laura Sagra Sizzles In Pink Bikini As She Flaunts Major Sideboob

Colombian Instagram model Laura Sagra wowed her 958,000 followers with her latest swimwear post. The update, which was shared Tuesday, October 27, saw the celebrity wearing a revealing pink bikini as she took a selfie.

In the caption, she asked her fans where they lived, according to a Google translation. Immediately, her supporters started revealing their location in the comments section.

Laura wore a pink bikini that plunged down low in the front and showed off plenty of her ample cleavage. The unique top tied up in a halter-neck fashion, with the straps looping through the tops of the square-shaped cups and gathering to create a ruched effect. This resulted in a massive gap between the cups and why so much sideboob was on display.

Not a lot of the matching brief could be seen thanks to the angle of Laura's selfie. However, thin straps sat high over her toned hips and the same sort of gathering as shown in the top appeared to be present. Her washboard abs were highlighted as was her pale complexion against the bright color of her bathing suit.

Laura stood in front of an in-ground pool, her head tilted to the side as she gazed at her intended audience.

Her blond locks were straightened and parted to the side, hanging down over one shoulder as Laura reached out to take take the photo.

As soon as Laura posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within six hours, the photo had already gathered an impressive 30,200 likes and hundreds of comments from her dedicated supporters.

While many people either posted the flag indicating the country they were from or stated it outright, others were more interested in Laura's scanty attire.

"Hermosa," one follower wrote in Spanish in the comments section, which, according to a Google translation, means "beautiful" in English.

Other popular Spanish words included "preciosa" and "maravilloso," which means "precious" and "wonderful" respectively.

In addition, many of her followers avoided the language barrier by the use of emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt. The most popular appeared to be the heart-eye, kissing, and variants of the heart emoji. However, there were various instances of the sun icon as well.

Laura often updates her social media account with a variety of swimwear shots. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently sported a strapless bikini as she posed by the waves at the beach. In that update, she showed off her toned legs as she sat on an enormous boulder.