Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Could Potentially Rekindle Their Romance Soon, Source Claims

Miley Cyrus attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

All hope might not be lost for Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, after all. Despite their recent split, a source recently told Hollywood Life that the pair could potentially rekindle their romance in the near future as they are still close friends and were reportedly spotted “getting pizza” together last week.

Fans were shocked to learn that the couple had broken up after only being together for 10 months. It seemed like the two were very happy together based on the many social media posts they shared throughout quarantine.

The insider said the “Midnight Sky” singer is delighted to be single right now and content with focusing on her musical career, but that there is a good chance they could reunite in the future.

“No one including Cody and Miley would be surprised if they got back together.”

That said, if they do decide to give their relationship another shot, odds are it will not happen until the pandemic is over, and things are “a little more relaxed.”

The source indicated that the two might have split because being together all the time during the lockdown became too stressful, but added that they are still very attracted to each other.

Miley Cyrus attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show
  Amy Sussman / Getty Images

In comparison, Miley did something similar to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. The source noted that the two had an initial relationship, broke up, and later got back together and eventually married.

“Miley has to do her own thing, but just like Liam in the past, Cody might get another chance at her heart.”

If Cody and Miley do get back together, it would make a lot of their fans happy. Dozens of users have called the two “#couplegoals” on Twitter. Many expressed their sadness over their breakup on social media after the initial reports of their split.

That said, others theorized that the Hannah Montana star was planning her breakups to coincide with her music releases.

“Miley divorcing Liam before releasing #SlideAway and now dumping Cody before releasing #MidnightSky I don’t know a better ARTIST,” tweeted one person.

Her ex-husband, Liam, is reportedly not too pleased with Miley as of late, especially after she seemed to throw shade at him in her latest single. She also revealed that she lost her virginity to him during a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported that he was trying to ignore Miley’s antics and keep his focus on his career and his girlfriend, model Gabriella Brooks.