Demi Rose Shows Off Thick Booty Amid Picturesque Seaside View

Model Demi Rose poses for a beachfront selfie.
Demi Rose / Instagram

British model and social media star Demi Rose Mawby — who is well-known for putting her enticingly curvaceous body to good use on the runway — may have offered the most enchanting view of her buxom booty yet with her most recent Instagram update. The post, which was uploaded to her feed on Saturday, August 15, showed the 25-year-old flaunting her sizable assets amid a picturesque beachfront backdrop.

And while the jagged rocks, rippling blue and purple ocean waters and multi-chromatic skyscape provided a stunning view behind her in the photographic slideshow, Demi’s incredible display of her voluptuous frame adorned in a dark-hued, form-fitting bodysuit may have been the most stunning visual that was shared.

In total, four pictures were shared in the post, three of which captured Demi in similarly provocative poses. Although the shots of the model were similar, she slightly tweaked the positioning of her head and the focus of her sultry stare in each snap.

The first pic found Demi’s body turned away from the camera, eliminating her famously ample bosom from being viewed. However, her cheeky side was incredibly prominent in the lower third of the photo frame as Demi gingerly caressed its contours on her left side.

Meanwhile, she turned her head back slightly in the same direction, offering a peek at her full, pink lips, seductive profile and closed eyes as the picture was snapped.

Simultaneously, her lengthy, raven-colored hair flowed wildly over her shoulders and down her back, its ends nearly reaching her backside in the process.

She mostly maintained her arm and body positioning for the second pic, but had opened her eyes and was smoldering with her expression as she appeared to focus her gaze on the camera’s lens.

As for the third photo, Demi’s eyes remained open, but she had turned her attention to something off to her left. Nevertheless, her sensuous facial features matched the beauty of her breathtaking surroundings.

Demi wrapped up her slideshow with a shot of a painting by artist Nel Kuc entitled “The Song of Atlantis” — a phrase that Demi had referenced in the accompanying caption. The work depicted a beautiful, flower-clad woman praying before a blue-green backdrop with dolphins represented beside her. Kuc’s painting was well-suited for Demi’s distinct aquatic theme in her slideshow.

The Birmingham, England, native’s latest update proved to be a quick hit with a large portion of her 14.3 million followers, having racked up nearly 150,000 likes in well under two hours after being uploaded.

Furthermore, more than 1,000 comments were left by fans, who largely swooned over the sultry display.

Demi’s physique has made a splash with some regularity of late; as shared by The Inquisitr earlier this week, the model also flaunted her significant cleavage in a photo that featured her sinuous frame covered with a low-cut dress.