Demi Rose Wows Fans & Goes Topless In Flirty Photos

British model Demi Rose Mawby knows how to get the attention of her 14.2 million Instagram followers. Most of the time, they can count on her to share sultry content where she shows off her fabulous curves. On Thursday, she did not let them down when she posted a series of smoking-hot snaps where she rocked a bright purple pair of track shorts and went topless.

Demi's post included two pictures that captured her standing in a room with white walls and light carpeting. The only decoration was a mirror that hung on the wall behind her.

Both of the images were similar in that they saw Demi from the front. She was topless and wore the top of the tracksuit wrapped around her shoulders, with the sleeves strategically covering her nipples and keeping her from violating Instagram's nudity policy. The shorts featured a high-rise waist with an elastic band and a white drawstring, which she wore untied. The bottoms also had a message printed on the front in pink and white letters, which was indecipherable because of the way she was standing.

In the first snap, Demi held the sleeves of the jacket while she stood with one hip to the side. She gazed at the camera with a serious expression on her face. She exposed much of her voluptuous chest and put her trim midsection on display. The image was cropped above her knees as she also showed off her shapely thighs.

Demi looked away from the camera in the second picture. She wore a sultry expression on her face with her lips parted while she tugged on the sleeves of the jacket.

In the caption, Demi mentioned that the maker of the tracksuit was having a sale.

Unsurprisingly, the post was a smash hit, garnering more than 140,000 likes and over 1,200 comments within an hour of it being shared on her account.

Most of the comments came from fans who raved over how sexy Demi looked.

"Best looking woman on the planet," gushed one Instagram user.

"I had to bring my phone closer to my face for this one," joked a second follower.

"Very very beautiful," a third admirer wrote.

"So stunningly beautiful," a fourth comment echoed.

Demi gives her many admirers plenty of content to enjoy. She seems to enjoy sharing snaps that show her modeling everything from bikinis to sexy lingerie. Not too long ago, she uploaded a post that caught her flaunting her fit physique in a pink sequined mini dress.