October 24, 2019
Marie Osmond Makes Heartbreaking Reveal That Her Daughter Once Lived In Her Car

Marie Osmond dropped another bombshell on The Talk. The 60-year-old singer opened up on the CBS chatfest to reveal that one of her older daughters temporarily lived in a car after she stopped helping her financially.

Osmond admitted that she "enabled" her older children when they were younger, but that after repeatedly helping her struggling daughter, she decided it was time to give her some tough love. The Donny & Marie star said she knew if she didn't "reboot" her daughter, she would never get it together and become self-sufficient.

"My one daughter was just struggling and she just couldn't quite get it together and I would help her and help her. And I know this sounds terrible, but there was one point she called me after multiple times [helping her], and she's like said, 'mom' and I said, 'I'm sorry, I'm not going to help you.' And I knew she would end up living in her car. She said today it was the hardest time of her life."
Osmond added that she cried over the situation but knew it was for the best.

"Our job as parents is to teach them to take of themselves, but to be there when they need it," The Talk star added.

Marie said today all of her children are hard workers. The star has eight children from her marriages to Stephen Craig and Brian Blosil. She did not name which daughter lived in her car.

Osmond has been on The Talk for less than two months, but she's giving the other Ms. O -- Sharon Osbourne -- a run for her money when it comes to personal stories about herself and her family. Earlier this week, Osmond shocked viewers when she revealed that she once thought she was gay because she didn't trust or like men after she was abused as a young child. Marie also had viewers in tears when she opened up about her son Michael's suicide at age 19.

While Marie Osmond never came close to living in her car, in another Talk reveal, she did dish that at one point she lost "everything" after trusting the wrong people.

As The Inquisitr shared last month, Marie told her co-stars on The Talk that when she was 20-years-old, she received a shocking phone call from her mother, who broke the news to her that all of her money was gone.

Osmond said she went from wearing Bob Mackie clothes on the Donny & Marie show to going to Limited Express and sewing on her own sequins so she could go out and work again.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.