Snoop Dogg Starts Odd Instagram Feud With Footballer Over Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

: Snoop Dogg performs onstage at SOMETHING IN THE WATER -
Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Rapper Snoop Dogg threw down the gauntlet in one of the most unexpected social media feuds to date against retired England footballer Paul Gascoigne, comparing the aging effects of alcohol abuse versus marijuana abuse in a story told with photos.

The Daily Mail says that Gascoigne, who is better known to fans as “Gazza,” is pushing back, but so are longtime supporters of the soccer great, who has admitted his lifelong struggle with alcoholism. The squabble started on Instagram when the rapper posted a photo of Gazza at 20, and another at 47 under the heading “Alcohol Abuse,” and a photo of himself at the same ages with the heading “Marijuana Abuse.” In the picture, Snoop Dogg is aging well, but Gascoigne looks older, as the photo was reportedly taken after he had been drinking heavily.

Many Gazza supporters responded calling the rapper “a disgrace”

Gascoigne responded by posting on Twitter in response to the photos.

“Just back from doing charity work in Spain then just when U thought it was safe2get out of the water f***ing snoop dog turns up FFS SHANE [his manager] what’s he snooping about for [laughing, thumbs up, and heart emoji] from GAZZA x.”

Gascoigne’s fans are calling the rapper a bully and wondering if Snoop Dogg is aware that the soccer midfielder has battled alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental illness over the years.

Social media erupted with football fans supporting Gascoigne and dissing Snoop Dogg, with comments like “No one disrespects Gazza and gets away with it.”

Another said that Snoop chooses to smoke pot, but Gascoigne is an addict.

“Wow I can’t believe what #SnoopDogg tweeted about Paul Gascoigne when he has an illness and Snoop chooses to be a stoner and not for medical reasons.”

But while Gascoigne’s fans are standing up for him in response to the comments from the rapper, the footballer did himself no favors earlier in the week when he led a group of fans with a chant disparaging the pope and Ireland, says The Irish Post. Gazza was reportedly in Benidorm, a Spanish resort town surrounded by a group of Rangers fans, singing “F**k the pope and the IRA!”

A video was posted on Facebook of the soccer star singing along with the Tina Turner song “Simply The Best” while throwing in his own biased lyrics. Scottish Premiership club Rangers F.C., which Gazza played for in the 1990s, has a strong connection with its “Protestant” heritage, while their rivals, Celtic F.C., are a Catholic club.