Michael Jackson’s New Biography ‘Rights Wrongs’ Of His Posthumous Career

Have you heard about the new Michael Jackson biography? It can be hard to believe Michael Jackson is putting out anything new since he has been dead since 2009. In fact, most news about Michael Jackson lately has related to selling off his memorabilia at auctions.

Despite this, Michael Jackson’s estate has put out new posthumous music by him as late as 2014. Based on the Xscape album released last year, a new biography has been written that gives the Michael Jackson-related history behind some of those songs — and defends his honor since many critics thought Xscape was absolutely terrible.

Called Xscape Origins: The Songs and Stories Michael Jackson Left Behind, the new Michael Jackson biography is written by Australian author, Damien Shields. Who is the new Michael Jackson biographer? Damien Shields has produced other written works besides his latest book about Michael Jackson — and almost every one is about Michael Jackson. Damien Shields claims to be a long-time dedicated Michael Jackson fan — and even posted an Instagram pic of him dressed like the King of Pop before his Sydney, Australia concert in 2008.

Since it was only released in the past two weeks, so far there has only been only one official outside review of the new Michael Jackson biography. After reading it cover to cover, reviewer Charles Thomson of the Huffington Post sets the stage for the book by saying the following.

“… when Sony released Xscape last year – its latest collection of remixed Michael Jackson demos – it seemed positively irredeemable. Muddled, uninspired and inexplicably issued on the only record label Jackson chose to protest against in his lifetime, many of the star’s fans were so unimpressed they felt moved to boycott the release.”

Thomson goes on to explain that the premise behind the new Michael Jackson biography was to “right this perceived wrong” related to the release of Xscape. Shields sought to right Michael Jackson’s reputation by gathering evidence from Michael Jackson collaborators (such as studio engineers) to re-establish the fact that Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and would have been embarrassed that Xscape had been released in his name.

As Thomson points out, “these insights are invaluable” because, unfortunately, there has been little publishing surrounding Michael Jackson’s methods and process of making music. Thomson reaffirms this lack of focus on his creative recording arts process by concluding his review of the Michael Jackson biography with the following statement.

“Hundreds of books have been written about Michael Jackson, but this is one of the very few must-reads to have been published since his death, forgetting his much-debated private life and shedding light on the one area most people appear least informed about; his work.”

The French Michael Jackson fan club posted on their website that some of the people interviewed are, “Matt Forger, John Barnes, Cory Rooney, Fred Jerkins III, Brian Vibberts, CJ Devillar, Michael Prince…” On Amazon, the review for the new Michael Jackson biography includes a quote from Matt Forger that states the following.

“There are so many lessons to learn from a creative genius like Michael Jackson…. It is important to document the process and tell the story, not only because it is history, but also to pay tribute to a person who loved storytelling and would want the story to be told.”

[Image from MJJ Music]