Olympian Nastia Liukin's Routine For An Impressive Physique

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Fatima Araos

Nastia Liukin never misses an opportunity to flaunt her Olympian physique to her 1.1 million followers on Instagram. The 32-year-old former athlete took a tropical vacation in Costa Rica recently and, naturally, the saucy pics were all over her page.

And, wow, it’s impressive how she’s maintained her gymnast figure all these years! She retired from her sport a decade ago and admitted in an interview with Well+Good that she “never do(es) any gymnastics anymore,” but that physique is obviously being worked hard!

Keep scrolling to see how.

Her Fitness Routine

Liukin told Well+Good that exercise is an essential part of her day. “I generally try to work out first thing, before anything else can pop up and get in the way,” she said, adding that her fitness routine is a combination of SoulCycle, Bar Method, and Barry’s Bootcamp.

“I've been really into boxing with my trainer lately, or if I'm running low on time I'll just do a quick run along the West Side Highway,” the Olympic gold medalist continued.

Working Out: Then Vs. Now

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Liukin, who was an all-around champion at the 2008 Olympics, also revealed that her gymnastics training involved “doing the same thing seven hours a day, six days a week,” and because of that, she didn’t know what to do after retiring.

That is why she likes having a trainer who guides her. “Trying out all of these different studio classes has been really fun because I get to try out different exercises, but someone is telling me what to do and when to go,” she said.

Recovery Training

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In another interview, the ex-athlete noted that gymnastics training now is different from what it was during her time because there’s currently more focus on holistic health.

“I'm loving this new wave of recovery-focused training,” she said. “Being intuitive and listening to your body will get you far. There's no doubt that a healthy dose of ‘pushing yourself’ is imperative to achieve a certain level of greatness, but not to the extent of injury.”

That is why she incorporates recovery training into her own routine.

Sleep Recovery

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Liukin’s recovery training involves rehydrating with plenty of water along with celery juice. She also does a lot of stretching and uses an infrared sauna whenever possible, as well as massagers.

She added, “And a heavy emphasis on sleep recovery and sleep quality are trends I'm following closely and incorporating where I can.” After long days of hard training, she deserves all the sleep she can get!