Bill Belichick Gets Real On The Patriots' Dominant Stretch

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Just when everybody thought they were safe from Bill Belichick's team, the New England Patriots are once again a dominant force in the NFL.

The Patriots are right back in the race for the AFC East and now ride a 5-game winning streak after thrashing the Atlanta Falcons 25-0 on the road.

They trail the Buffalo Bills by just half a game for the top of the division and look like the scrappy, pesky, and complicated team that could take down a contender any given night.

Belichick Says The Team Has A Special Relationship

While not the most talented team, the Patriots have developed a strong rapport on both sides of the gridiron.

And, according to the veteran coach, that has been the key behind their recent solid stretch:

“The relationship with the players is always a very special one,” Belichick said, per ProFootballTalk. “It’s not something, as a coach, that you can orchestrate. I think it just has to happen. Hopefully, you put players together that will be able to form those kinds of relationships, trust, camaraderie, and all those things, but it’s not anything you can legislate. It just kind of has to happen. I’m glad it’s happening, and I’m glad they do have that feeling because I do think there’s a chemistry that goes with communication, anticipation, knowing what the other guy’s doing and him knowing what you’re doing and being able to play aggressively with all that,"


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The Coach Is Happy With The Team

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Belichick, who's not usually emotional or open, looked satisfied with the way the team has meshed altogether.

"It’s a good thing. I’m glad they feel that way, and I’m glad that’s developing. It takes time. It takes some success," Belichick added. "It’s not something you can talk about, and it magically happens. You need to back it up with some results that reinforce what you’re doing, what they’re feeling.”

Whatever they're doing, it's definitely working, and it's not as incidental as he wants it to believe.

The Patriots Wanted To Build This Kind Of Culture

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Belichick and the Patriots are known for their hands-on approach on every single thing and all the minor details. That's why they wanted to put together a squad that could mesh that way and whose personalities and characters could make each other better:

“We try to see what kind of person the player is on another level, how committed they are to football, what kind of worker they are, what kind of practice player they are, what they bring to the team, both on and off the field, and so forth,” Belichick concluded.

A Dominant Defense And A Competent Offense

Once again, the defense has been the Patriots' strongest aspect this season.

Matthew Judon has been a dominant force with a career-high 10.5 sacks this season to lead a defensive unit that keeps getting better by the week.

As for the offense, QB Mac Jones knows that they're still a work in progress but they continue to do just enough to win games:

“The goal is to score one more point than the other team," the rookie QB Told Josh Alper.](

Now, the Patriots will take their 7-4 record and 5-game winning streak back home for another must-win game against the Tennessee Titans.