'Love Life' Season 2 Finale: Did Marcus Get His Happy Ending?

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William Jackson Harper has won fans' hearts with his role as Marcus in Love Life and everyone just wants him to have his happy ending.

The second season of the HBO Max series shifted from Darby to Marcus - a 30-something newly-divorced guy who is navigating the dating world again.

With lots of challenges and even a pandemic getting in the way, it wasn't easy for Marcus to find love again. His story's ending isn't the perfect romance but creators thought it was more fitting for the character.

The Character Was Built Around William Jackson Harper

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Creator Sam Boyd revealed in an interview that he has always been a fan of William Jackson Harper and built the character around him.

"For me, it really just started with Will. Having that blank slate, we had such a unique opportunity to build this character study around an actor who's really exciting to us." Boyd explained.

Will was actually considered as one of the love interests for Anna Kendrick's Darby in season 1 but they ended up making him the lead in season 2, which worked even better.


Anna Kendrick's Best Kristen Stewart Impression

Anna Kendrick's Best Kristen Stewart Impression

Did Marcus And Mia End Up Together?


It took a few episodes for Marcus and Mia to finally get together but their first try at a relationship didn't really last long. Later on, Marcus finds himself reconnecting to Mia again, after some time on his own first.

According to the showrunners, they wanted Marcus to face himself and be alone first and spend time looking inward before taking the next step.

“The ending is fitting because it shows their growth in that love is a choice. Like, you’re actively choosing to love your partner and I think it says a lot about Mia’s growth.”

Darby Makes A Small Appearance


As Marcus and Mia finally make the commitment, Darby makes a small but significant appearance to remind Marcus that everything was going to be fine.

After a time jump, we see Marcus and Mia start their family but the new baby and Marcus' new book make things more complicated. In a fateful encounter, Darby reassures Marcus that “it’s all worth it.”

Darby's small appearance are the creators' way of giving the audience a feel of the show's "shared universe".

Will There Be A 'Love Life' Season 3?


Now, fans want to know - will there be a Love Life season 3?

The first two seasons were a hit and it is likely that the show will get a third installment, although there have been no confirmations yet.

There could be a possibility of a more diversified cast in the next season and even a lead from the LGBTQ community. Executive producer Paul Feig once hinted that possibility.

“We want to tell stories about people whose voices aren’t normally heard.”