Jenelle Evans On If She Misses The Money Of 'Teen Mom 2'

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Lindsay Cronin

Jenelle Evans recently hosted an online Q & A with her fans and followers on Instagram. And, as she sat at home in a hat, glasses and braids, the former Teen Mom 2 cast member answered a question from a fan, who wanted to know if the mother of three missed appearing on the MTV reality series.

"Hey!! Do you ever miss being on Teen Mom?" the person asked, according to a report shared by The Sun on Saturday, September 11.

Find out how Jenelle answered below.

Jenelle Evans Was Fired Two Years Ago

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In response to the question, Evans repeated the comment, asking, "Do I really miss it?," and adding a confused-faced emoji.

She then sent responses to a number of other Instagram users, who questioned her about her thoughts on her abrupt exit from Teen Mom 2, which came in May 2019 after she was she was fired by MTV, seemingly due to her husband, David Eason, killing their family dog for going after their young daughter.

"You miss the money tho," one person wrote.


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Jenelle Evans Is Making Nearly What She Made With 'Teen Mom 2' At Home?

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While Evans certainly lost a big check when she was axed from her role on Teen Mom 2, she told the fan that when it comes to her net worth, she's making nearly as much as she did with MTV at home with her kids.

"I make almost as much being self employed at home," she alleged.

Still, another person wasn't buying the idea that Evans is making near what she made with MTV at home, saying, "She misses the money."

"Nope," Evans insisted, in response.

There Are Some Things Jenelle Evans Misses About 'Teen Mom 2'

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After insisting that she is doing just fine, from a financial standpoint, Evans told her fans and followers that there is a lot that she does not miss about her time with MTV.

"I do not miss the reunions, I do not miss the way I wasn't allowed to be involved with editing," she shared.

She then admitted, "But I do miss sharing my story with you guys. I do miss you guys watching my kids grow up as well. And I also miss the fact that you guys can relate to my story and we can relate with each other."

Fans Can Keep Up With Jenelle Evans On YouTube

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"But you know new chapters happen in life, and some close, but I think what hurts the most is there is so many milestones the kids have been achieving and accomplishing and you guys don't see any of that," Evans continued. "There's so much good that has happened in my life since TV but that doesn't make ratings."

At the end of her statement, Evans told fans, "So if you want to keep up with me check out my YouTube channel."